Game Discounts Are A Pain In The Back(-log)

ThisGenGaming says:"OK. Stop! I understand very well that the gaming business is booming and the quality of games has gone up considerably these past few years… But it’s become simply impossible to keep up with new releases! What’s more is that a lot of them release with some sort of discount making it impossible not to be tempted into a new purchase..."

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derkasan342d ago

I'm definitely guilty of waiting for discounts before buying games. Unless it's something I know I'll get to right away (Breath of the Wild, Persona 5), I'll wait a few months for it to take a hit in price.

I will say I jumped on Aaero right away, so Mad Fellows Games has nothing to worry about there...

bloodyspasm342d ago

Yeah, but those first games you mentioned are both well known franchises. You can (kinda) trust them to be great value + you knew about them well in advance. My worry is that we've come at a point in time where new titles (especially indies) don't get noticed at all. No matter how good their marketing attempts are (it's like shouting loud at a party: If everyone is doing it, it all just ends up as noise)

And true: Aaero is an amazing game, but even they struggle to get the necessary sales (and they are among the more popular and critically acclaimed ones)

gijevi342d ago

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ZaWarudo342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Discounts and price cuts happens fast. The last $60 game i bought was Persona 5.

But maaaaan my backlog is big. So big that i can't decide what to play and end up playing Warframe. A game i already spent 600 hours on -____-

bloodyspasm342d ago

Same here, but my go to game is Magic Duels 😁

Ethereal342d ago

Don't I know it. I bought games at release for games I liked to support the dev but lately I just can't keep up with the releases and have been waiting for price drops after release. Only thing I jump on are collector's editions I need and don't want to risk missing out on. Even still my backlog is so big that I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I could skip the next gen launch and spend a couple years playing catch up.

Chris_GTR1342d ago

maybe its just from getting older but i find that most of the games in the backlog are usually there because i dont have much interest in playing it in the first place. most games today are rehashes of better games.