Xbox One DUKE Wired Controller Now Available For Pre-Order

The Xbox One DUKE Wired Controller by Hyperkin is now available for pre-order. Releasing in early April 2018.

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Sciurus_vulgaris252d ago

The Duke was not a bad controller, it was just far too large for most people to hold comfortably.

Agent_00_Revan251d ago

I never understood the hate for the duke. I thought it was very comfortable, and I have small hands.

2pacalypsenow251d ago

The white/black buttons were placed terribly

iNcRiMiNaTi251d ago

Yeah the black/white button were my biggest issue which was fixed once the S controller came out

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CrimsonIdol251d ago

Yeah it was fine, more comfortable than a ps2 controller for me. But yeah, criticism of the white/black buttons is fair and I don't really see why you'd go back to this over, say the S controller. When I had to switch to shoulder buttons on the 360 I struggled more though, I still find it kind of awkward occasionally because trigger fingers on triggers seems much more natural than using your middle fingers so it's always doing that re-adjustment so you use your index fingers for both ...but I guess that's a bit of a moot point when you're defending a control scheme that requires you to use your thumb for 7 buttons and a joystick haha.

Sonic_Vs_Mario251d ago

Same here. Best unbreakable controller to date. Microsoft should re-release the wireless version

Razzer250d ago

I hated that thing. The improvement with the 360 controller was huge.

mikeslemonade250d ago

The controller was exaggerated for the size. It fit fine when I was in the 9th grade in highschool. It was mainly a Japanese complaint, which they would complain about anything about the xbox.

Microsoft has been next to flawless with controller designs. That's what they are good for.

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Avengerz43251d ago

I think it's cool that MS is paying it's history respect like this. But that controller was dog shit lol.

Zeref251d ago

Lol its either people absolutely hate it or love it to death.

I'm on the love side. Mostly because I have big hands. Might definitely pick this up.

The_Jackel251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

Not for me. I hated that controller with passion and the size of the Xbox for what was in it. Think I played midtown madness 3 the most on it by memory with friends stuffing around.... don't know why:/

Cy251d ago

I'll get one at some point, but I'm already dreading how hard it's gonna be to use those abysmal black and white buttons after more than a decade of shoulder button muscle memory.

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The story is too old to be commented.