Ni no Kuni II To Run at Dynamic 4K/HDR & 60FPS on PS4 Pro; It Will Take 40 Hours Plus Side Content

Wccftech talked with Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino to find out more about Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom ahead of its March 23rd release date, including the technical specs of the game running on PlayStation 4 Pro and the overall length of the RPG.

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IamTylerDurden11440d ago

Damn 4K, HDR, 60fps. Nice job Level 5.

yemijexox1440d ago

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KaiPow1440d ago

I don't care if it's 1080P or 4K. RPGs that run at 60FPS are at the top of my list!

Brave_Losers_Unite1440d ago

Sorry but not caring about 4k is pretty insane. You probably dont have a 4ktv

BlaqMagiq11440d ago

Performance is more important than resolution. I'm perfectly fine with 1080p.

ILostMyMind1440d ago

I have both 4K TV and a Pro, and if I have to choose I'll choose the performance.

SurgicalMenace1440d ago

Who gives a damn about 4K, and I have a TV that costs 5 figures? Now what? You need something to make you feel superior to others, which is more telling of your inherent insecurity. You probably don't have anything more to add to your worth than that 4K tv, otherwise why come at someone else that way? I give a hell about 4K and I can afford anything I want in life. Just remember, when you get on a public site anyone can be watching. Your attempt to belittle someone because they don't value what adds no value is shameful at the least.

Nebaku1440d ago

Not caring about 4k is insane? I guess that means the 95% of people without 4K TVs or devices are insane. Thank god we have smart ones like you to guide us through the error of our ways.

jukins1440d ago

thats quite ignorant. I'll use shadow of colossus as an example. while cinematic mode clearly "looks" better, performance mode makes it that much more enjoyable to play

Teflon021440d ago

When you have 4k it kinda is nice to have. But I don't mind not having if my tv is good. It won't destroy the games look being upscale. But at the same time for ni no kuni I don't think 60fps really matters and I think it probably isn't preferred for me since it's a game that looks like animation that's created at 24fps. I like when the game matches the feel. That's why I wouldn't play last of us at 60fps but nioh I'd rather 60fps

Grimwood1440d ago

You probably are one of those who never would see any difference if they didn't know what their tv shows.

Eidolon1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

I have a C7P and a PS4 pro. And I can honestly say I'd choose 60fps 1080p over stable 30fps 4k for certain games.

Flewid6381440d ago

Shadow of the Colossus in 1080p/60fps looks WAAAY better than 30fps in 4K.

Dragonscale1440d ago

Nah he understands how gameplay trumps graphics every time.

dreue1439d ago

Dude 4k is still not full in, if you dont have a 4k tv dan you will not have 4k,a lot o tb people are starting to have, bit 4k will be full in only next gen of consoles.... So take it easy....

ocelot071439d ago

How is it insane? Like others have said I much rather have 60FPS than 4K any day of the week. I own a pretty good 4K HDR TV and yer playing games at 4K is nice and all. But if given the choice (like I do on PC) I would lower the resolution down in order to have a stable 60FPS.

If Horizon Zero Dawn had a 720p 60FPS option. I would take that over dynamic 4K or native 4K 30FPS every time.

sprinterboy1439d ago

Or maybe we just prefer to wait till nxt gen when 4k really starts with little to no compromises

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killswitch801440d ago

1080p is living in the past...4k is way focking better

PoSTedUP1440d ago

it probably is, resolution-wise. im way more down with OLED tv's than 4k tho.

Harkins17211440d ago

8k just came out. 4k is now the past

LateNightThirst1439d ago


Whats the difference between OLED and 4K? Genius

Ron_Danger1439d ago


Are you implying that OLED and 4K are the same thing?

jukins1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Posted up umm what oled tv isn't 4k? Are you trying to sound cool or knowledgeable? You Re kinda failing

Ron_Danger1439d ago


There are several oled tvs that aren't 4K. A 1 second google search revealed the LG 55EA9800 and the LG 55EG9100.

Some of you guys are getting way too worked up over this issue, so much so that you're making claims off of assumptions and trying to pass off ignorance as fact.

PoSTedUP1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

yeah im just saying. im way more down with oled than 4k. as in, id be more satisfied with a higher end oled tv as opposed to a 4k tv with shitty specs etc. talking about in my budget range of course. not all oled screens and 4k tvs are treated the same.

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Relientk771440d ago

Aww I can't wait to sink into another JRPG

Aceman181440d ago

Yea PS systems have been on a roll this gen with JRPGs. I can't wait for this game.

Wrex3691440d ago

I agree the PS is killing in JRPGS but I might add that Japanese developers really have found their footing in the new generation as a whole. The degree of quality is like triple from the 360/PS3 era. Been loving it.

Atticus_finch1440d ago

Another Goty contender. Japan killing it again this year.