Is Far Cry 5 Getting Too Political?

In this politically charged climate, it's easy to see how the country is so polarized. With its edgy subject matter, will Far Cry 5 be too political? Or will it be just political enough?

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Chaosdreams341d ago

It'll be fine. Besides, how can anyone say without having played? I see no sense in gamers taking issue with a theme within a game when just about everything is touched upon.

CorndogBurglar341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

What exactly am I missing with this game? What is "political" about it?

Its my understanding that its about a cult in the mid-west U.S. and they are running amok in local towns, killing men that do not join them, taking their women for their own causes, and basically trying to spread their crazy beliefs.

What is political about that? They are religious zealots using god as their skewed justification for what they are doing.

Do I have this totally wrong? Again, I fail to see how this is any type of political statement. Not when we've had our share of cults in the past that had their own crazy agendas just like these people.

EatCrow341d ago

Well people could say that these religious zealots are the republicans that voted for trump. I've seen that connection and that is why there appears to be some kind of political theme surrounding it.

As for myself I'll wait till it releases and then look at reviews. A good game is a good game.
Nothing wrong with their being politics in a game... theyve been secretly putting in idealogoies and politics, beliefs, etc into games since the beginning anyways.

Elwenil341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

The only people who relate "religious zealots" and cult leaders to Trump voters are sheeple who believe everything mainstream media tells them. There are a lot of examples of cult leaders brainwashing throngs of followers in the various forms of entertainment but about the only real connection you can make to reality would be people like David Koresh and his Branch Davidians down in Waco, Texas and similar groups. I can tell you from experience that these people do not like the US Government, regardless of what political party is in charge. Some are anarchists, some believe in a more religion based form of law, and others basically just hate being told what they can and cannot do. In a lot of ways, once you take the religion out of it, they are very similar to any leftist fanatical group. But in my experience, most religious groups like that disavow the US Government and don't vote. So while many christians generally do vote Republican, not all christians are republican and not all republicans are christian. I generally vote republican but I am an atheist. But the main point is, that a religious cult is a thing unto itself. They rarely claim any allegiances other than their god and maybe a similar cult or two in a loose coalition. They aren't really big into politics unless one of them starts pushing their own candidate, which has happened a few times in history, but not successfully in recent memory.

As far as the plot in Far Cry 5 goes, I would just look at it like an episode of an '80s action show on TV. You are the "good guy" and you have been dropped in a place where the "bad guys" have taken over and it's up to you to rescue the good people being oppressed by them. I don't think one needs to seek any deeper meaning than that and remember it's just a game, not some form of propaganda.

Silly Mammo341d ago

"I think there is blame on both sides."

Dirtnapstor341d ago

Yes, people could say that, but they'd be complete morons...Does everyone think Ubi Montreal started putting this game concept together in 2016?! Far Cry 2, 3, and 4 were centered around the politics of a charismatic leader. Needless to say, 5 will continue the trend but in a new setting. No-brainer.

opinionated341d ago

You’re not missing anything, people push their own dumb views into things.

Like you see the guy comparing the cult to republicans and trump voters. How? Where does this come from?

When you liberate a town you raise the American flag. There are star spangles everywhere. The American left and the Democratic Party hates America. They constantly trash American values and institutions and kneel for the anthem, etc. They are not who you are liberating, they wouldn’t raise an American flag. They would be considered “project Eden” the egalitarian utopian paradise. So if you really want to look at it in a political sense, you are liberating trump voters from radical progressive collective. See how easy it is shape a narrative from your own beliefs? That’s why these game media types should shut up about crap they don’t know about.

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Tuxmask55341d ago

Who gives a crap if it is?

341d ago
Brave_Losers_Unite340d ago

Nazis do. They were a bunch of neo nazis complaining about this a while back. So hypocritical of them

Mr-Dude341d ago

We will see... But politics should stay out of games. We have this crap in the realworld to deal with.

NecrumOddBoy341d ago

Drugs and violence should be out of games, since we have this crap to deal with in the real world.


Your logic is poor. Video games are an interactive medium of Art. It doesn't matter what the story is as long as it's well-told and the game is fun. Politics is a subject and in many games. Half of Star Wars is all about the political aspect. Bioshock is all political.

RDOUBLE341d ago

Damn you fried that dude

Mr-Dude341d ago


Fair enough and you make a valid point. Maybe I was too hasty with my comment.


Ow poor me :p

Mkelly341d ago

How can people say they don't want excessive SJW crap in games like token gay and black characters just for the sake of adding such characters, but then turn around and say they are OK with politics in gaming, if your ok with politics in gaming then don't complain when everyones agendas start getting shoved down our throats in every game released.

LoveSpuds341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Funny how it's suddenly 'political' now we are shooting Americans instead of foreigners. Personally, I am not biased, I am happy to blast away at any in-game religious nutter regardless of their religious persuasion or nationality.

_-EDMIX-_341d ago

Oh yes, let's make games that are referenced about the real world last real. /s

Pozzle341d ago

Games don't exist in a bubble.They are made by people who live in the real world, and who often take inspiration from the real world to create a story. Saying that you can't have real-world influences and themes in any media (games, movies, books, etc) limits the hell out of what sort of games end up being made.

Imagine if a game like Final Fantasy 7 came out today. People would probably complain THAT game is "too political" because its story has heavy themes of terrorism, saving the environment, and fighting against big corporations who stomp on the little people. Those sort of eco-friendly issues were HUGE in the 90s (especially saving the environment and the big ol' hole in the ozone layer) so could you imagine if people complained that one of the most iconic games of all time was "too political" and that Square shouldn't bother making it!

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shammgod341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

we are in a period where everything is being reviewed with some sort of social/political spin on it...

Goldby341d ago

Well a lot of games have social and political aspects do why not have a discussion about it in the articles?

SenorFartCushion341d ago

That's the way criticism works.

tehpees3341d ago

Is this article looking for clicks?

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