Chasing After Your Prey Takes the Shine Off Monster Hunter World

Chasing after monsters in Monster Hunter World can become tedious after a while. That's where the game's Arena Quests come in.

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fenome253d ago

I was fighting Ogdoran the other day and Betelgeuse swooped in so I ran to a different area and they both followed me and then a Cirros joined the fight, it was so hectic! I know I totally just screwed up all their names, but you get what I mean. Lol

It's random moments like that that really make this game shine.

Chaosdreams252d ago

lol. My mind just pictured a bunch of random villains/characters from other series just showing up.

franwex252d ago

These dragon things were fighting each other in the forest all the way on the top. Suddenly they broke a water dam or something and rush of water swept all of us away! It was pretty insane! I’ve seen a triple monster brawl while my friends and I just stand there in awe.
There’s all kinds of crazy stuff happening. It’s pretty intense.