Monster Hunter World has so much to teach other big budget games

Eurogamer: "In Monster Hunter's world, we're all in this together. It's us against them - them being those mighty brutes you'll find beyond the hub's gates. And it's the monsters, above all else, that are the stars of Monster Hunter; exquisite in design, often punishing to encounter, they're imbued with a life and character that's sometimes hard to detect in other big budget games."

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Blastoise252d ago

This is a good article. Basically talks about how Monster Hunter is a not a cynical game unlike others.

Monster Hunter is a game built around loot for fun and replayability, it's not built around loot for the sake of buying "engrams" or lootboxes or card packs. Ugh

UCForce252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

More importantly, you have full control in playing field.

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chaos-emeralds252d ago

I really like monster hunter, but i think Horizon zero Dawn has the crown on hunting and combat.

Scatpants252d ago

I think if Horizon Zero Dawn had made me chase running away monsters as much as this game does I would have quit playing it right from the start. I'm sure as you get better weapons it changes, but the nothing story is giving me no incentive to play further in to the game. A big let down for me so far.

maybelovehate252d ago

Horizon is definitely more noob friendly. Not meant as an insult just mean it holds your hand better.

NecrumOddBoy252d ago

As a newbie to the Monster Hunter series and someone who has platinumed Horizon, I have to say that Horizon Zero Dawn has some of the best combat and gameplay I have ever seen. I think both Horizon and Monster Hunter World are on par with their enemies but the controls in Horizon are unmatched. I would really like to see Horizon Zero Dawn to hold a crafting system that's a little deeper. I don't like multiplayer games but I really like Monster Hunter having a games as a service approach with their online component. Overall both of these games or excellent in my book. Horizon has a phenomenal story. Just thinking about how great that experience was really bothers me. Not because of Monster Hunter, but because of Zelda didn't deserve to win game of the year last year

mav805252d ago

I can definitely see the similarities, but for whatever reason I got bored of Horizon pretty quickly. I've played MH about 4 times longer so far, and this is my first MH game.

NovusTerminus252d ago

Horizon is fun, and one of my favorite games but I don't think the equipment builds, and lack of weapon variety were deep enough for it to match Monster Hunter is terms of depth of the hunt.

It did have depth in the hunt, luring the enemies into traps and positioning were great in the game, but it really was very different from MH, and most of the enemies in Horizon were not as harsh to fight as they are in MH.

However being a single player game, driven by it's story it did that infinitely better then MH's weak attempt at writing.

AspiringProGenji252d ago

Actually the big targets in Horizon are very harsh especially when they are corrupted (Rockbreakers, Thunderjaw, so on...) . The problem is that you won’t see them until you advance further because of the Open world design. In MHW the maps design works because you will see all the monsters from that locale, from 1 star to 5 star monters without any requirement.

Also you are right about MHw having more weapon variety and such. The crafting in both is still very superficial but we don’t need a complicated system either. Both do their thing just fine, with MH slightly better because it allows you to craft gear separately and create builds. This is something I want the next Horizon game to do

HeisenbergX251d ago

Combat and fighting those fearsome machines is absolutely without a doubt where HZD shines the most.

drunkenspy007251d ago

They're both good in different way. HZD is very story focused. MHW is all about the end game and tougher challenges. I love HZD, but when it ended, I stopped playing. I will most likely keep playing MHW after I beat the main story quest.

chaos-emeralds251d ago

Im still playing HZD, on ultra hard and just love it. Monster hunter is very samey, i miss alot of what you can do hunting wise in HZD. Seems very limited, and having to grind to get good armour is just plain cheating. I play MHW, but it really frustrates me as an old school game at heart.

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Scatpants252d ago

I've been finding it kind of tedius and repetitive. I hate to say it but I prefer the new Assassins Creed to it. Not that that has to do with anything it's just the other game I'm playing right now.

Tankbusta40252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

I agree with you 100%, it started off really fun but then it became very repetitive. I will play it some more at a future time...but at the moment I got burned out about 15 hours in.


Monster Hunter is a masterpiece, the experience of taking down those monsters is at a whole another level. GOTY CANDIDATE

meganick252d ago

Interesting that the 2 best games so far this year involve battling giant monsters.