7 Horror Villains That Need To Be In Video Games

The Young Folks: "From Michael Myers to Jason Voorhees, many iconic horror movie villains have made their way into gaming, but there's still some who haven't. We pick out seven villains we'd like to see next!"

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PrinceVegeta253d ago

Bring on Samara, Ghost Face, Elizabeth and Pennywise.

strayanalog252d ago

Ghostface: A TellTale game easily, but truthfully I am not so sure this would do too hot, though the best idea on the list.‎
Elizabeth Bathory: I am speechless, and not because this villain is mentioned, but because you have watched Stay Alive more than once.
Samara: I think Alma from the game F.E.A.R. probably has "creepy little girl" on lockdown for a lot of gamers, which ironically Samara was probably the basis for.
The Candyman: On a list of horror villains I would imagine he wouldn't be too high on the bankable list. He would arguably be the biggest gamble here and in the political correctness of today he would not make it past the drawing board.‎
Pennywise the Clown: Let's leave Stephen King's work alone, and especially It.‎
The Creeper: With Friday the 13th already a video game I personally see no need for him.
Hookman/Fisherman: If you have Ghostface then there's no room for this villain.‎

Cyborgg252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Elizabeth is a little similar to Freddy Krueger

dolfa252d ago

I want to run around in VR as Pennywise and eat children!