Wired Q&A: World of Warcraft Lead Producer J. Allen Brack

World of Warcraft has been the epitome of a gaming cash-cow ever since its 2004 launch.

Though solid figures are hard to come by, estimates on the game's monthly revenue often tops $100 million, and the game boasts subscriber rates that eclipse its closest competition by a factor of 10.

During Blizzcon Wired had a chance to sit down with J. Allen Brack, the game's lead producer, to discuss the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion, where the game goes from here, and the title's Deathknight class, an addition many fans see as the latest example in Blizzard's new-found desire to homogenize their once unimpeachable games.


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Wired: Warhammer Online just came out. It's the first MMO since you guys released World of Warcraft four or five years ago that has really had the kind of fan reaction and critical praise to compete with World of Warcraft on, at least, a content level. Does that change how you guys approach the game, or approach your own game anyway?

J. Allen Brack: Um, not really. We are interested in making WoW the most fun game that we can make it and that’s sort of been our philosophy for the last four years, it’s going to continue to be our philosophy. So, as far as Warhammer, I’m excited to see more games come out, I’m a gamer, I love playing games ...

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