2018 Will Make or Break VR

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Virtual Reality gaming might still be in its infancy but in a lot of respects it also feels like a lot of the excitement surrounding this new medium is starting to wane. Maybe its the high cost of entry or the lack of (very) compelling VR games but there seems to be a general ambivalence towards virtual reality. However, while the excitement seems to have been dampened somewhat, 2018 already has a lot of reasons to be excited to strap on your favorite set of goggles and head back into the world of VR but there’s a palpable sense that if you aren’t sold on VR by the end of the year then this will all go down in the annals of gaming history as just another fad."

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PoSTedUP346d ago

havent tried sonys vr but tried a htc demostrationfew weeks back and it was one of the most amazing things ive experienced in gaming. so glad i didnt feel sick like some ppl.

Marcello345d ago

You tried the Vive Pro or the normal one ? I have the Rift & i love it but VR really needs higher res lenses.

PoSTedUP345d ago

it may have been the vive pro or newer. had no problem with rez, it looked really good. was worried about this "screen door" effect everyone was talking about. didnt notice it and was heavily satisfied. im wondering which headset does the best job of peripheral vision.

Einhander1971345d ago

PSVR is an incredible piece of kit, I have one. It's obvious VR won't be mass market, but the stuff I have on it and what's coming I pretty happy. Hopefully more will be announced later in the year

demonicale345d ago

Incredible how it uses old technology?.

PeaSFor345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Oh you mean like non fresnel lenses? Psvr lenses are far superior to the Vive and Rift lenses, and thats a fact. I actually cannot fathom why the Vive and Rift used fresnel lenses because they obviously suck in pretty much every way, except weight, which quite frankly, can hardly even be a noticeable contributor to the overall weight of the headset.

Fearmonkey345d ago

Completely agree, love my PSVR. It's a great option for those of us that don't want to invest in a new PC but still experience VR. I have a decent PC but for VR it would underperform, im waiting for the next gen of video cards and CPU's before upgrading.

searcam01345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

With a decent PC you should be able to run vr with no problem. I had a GTX 1060 and a low end CPU ryzen5 1500x and it handled vr with no problems. But everything now cost alot of money.

Poobz345d ago

PSVR and Batman for me are worth the asking price, but the lack of games from the big publishers tells me it's already had its day.

demonicale345d ago

Batman was like a technical demo ... you people are easily pleased.

zaherdab345d ago

"You people" are easily triggered to sound snobbish

sampsonon345d ago

psvr has 4 million sold already so would say it's already made it. have you played RE7 in vr yet? lol

Poobz332d ago

Name me 20 AAA games worth playing on PSVR if it's such a success.

philm87345d ago

I'm loving my PSVR. Great experience. Never going to use it 100% for my gaming, but when I do I have bags of fun. Even the games that don't look good on the face of it, such as Headmaster, I have absolutely loved. Will be great if better games came out, but quite possibly a case of developers getting to grips with VR, not wanting to take the risk of diving into the market when they're not sure how it's going to do. I think the PSVR player base is big enough to encourage a lot of developers.

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