Shadow Of The Colossus on PS4 Has Even Better Reviews Than Shadow Of The Colossus on PS2

Woe is the studio that winds up with a remake like this. Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most beloved video games in the medium's four-decade-long commercial history, a strange, contemplative marvel that was neither of its time nor ahead of it, but rather a curiously singular masterpiece that nobody has even quite tried to imitate since. The PS4 version is not a port or a remaster but a ground-up remake, something you rarely see in the modern industry. That means that Bluepoint Games' task, essentially, was to make Shadow of the Colossus, just to do it again, twelve years after its initial release. To say that there's a pressure there is an understatement.

It makes it all the more shocking how well it works.

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AspiringProGenji252d ago

Impressive. Usually remakes have couple points less than the original... talk about a timeless masterpiece

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darthv72251d ago

That usually depends on how long there is between the original and the remake. The remaster, a few years ago, also got good reviews.

Perhaps we will stop seeing 10's for initial games because there will always be a way to make it better later on?

AspiringProGenji251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

Your trolling is noted @Darth. The remaster has nothing to do with this but thank you for reminding us it exits.

SotC was held back on Ps2 but still delivered greatly. With the Ps4 SotC gets even better while retaining the spirit of the original. That is why it is getting slightly better reviews. A 10 back then, still a 10 today

Darkwatchman251d ago (Edited 251d ago )

There was 13-14 years between ocarina of time on n64 and the 3DS remake. The n64 original has a higher meta score. It’s close to 13 years since the ps2 original Shadow and its remake on ps4 has a metascore that is a point higher as opposed to 2 points lower than the original with the ocarina of time remake. This level of critical reception for a remake compared to its original incarnation is unprecedented.

darthv72251d ago

"The remaster has nothing to do with this but thank you for reminding us it exits." sorry you feel that way. I guess it also doesnt matter that Bluepoint made that one too or that it also sits one point higher than the original. That in no way is meant to troll, just an observation and for people to try and gloss over their previous work is rather disrespectful to BP software.

Atticus_finch251d ago

You're worrying about the wrong thing my friend. Once something reached a certain level of quality it is hard to make it better. Stop being obtuse and appreciate that a masterpiece became better.

gijevi251d ago

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Travis3708252d ago

Good to hear, I hope this generation of new gamers give SOTC a try.

PhoenixUp251d ago

Not often you see a remake get better received than the original

NecrumOddBoy251d ago

Shadow of the Colossus was really ahead of its time and this remake shows that it really took current-gen technology to allow that game to deliver the way it was intended. We all remember the game as good as we think it was but when you play it it is very archaic. It is nice to see the game treated with such respect and blue point deserves a medal for this

Nodoze251d ago

I sincerely hope that Sony replenishes the Special Edition. The stock was paltry.

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The story is too old to be commented.