New NXE Information: Movie Sharing, Updates, Size

The New Xbox Experience's launch is impending and the hype is building. In the past few days, Microsoft has given more information about the Xbox 360 revamp, including possible movie and photo sharing, the structure of updates, and the size of NXE.

Movie sharing, while not in the update now, is a possible future application.

Big updates will not be as frequent, but Microsoft will be able to update the service on the fly, no patches necessary.

NXE will be 128 MB, too big for original Core gamers or those with 64 MB memory cards, but Major Nelson has said that a "storage solution" is coming.

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eric1003658d ago

can i do it with LIVE??


DixieNormS3658d ago

If your ass is already watching it on HOME. An alternative maybe. I hope so.

socomnick3658d ago

is home out yet ??


razer3658d ago

You cant watch tgs in home you get a bunch of trailers. How much tgs stuff is on the PSN for North America? None to very little while the 360 has a whole section devoted to it.

Even in the home beta unless you are in Japan you get nothing! Once again this guy is just being a liar. What am I saying he is a sony fanboy they are all exaggerating liars who argue using their fortune telling powers of the future.

Crazywhitie3658d ago

Why do they fail?? If you bought a Arcade Ver. then you aren't worried about live or online gaming so why charge for the Hard Drive... takke yous PS3 Fanboy A$$ back to a delayed Thread.... PS3 Failed when there system isn't Backwards Compatible.. Loser!!

PS3 Fanboy = Guy who wishes he would have bought an Xbox 360

wazborn3658d ago

At least i am glad mS remembers the core users and is working on a storage option for them ... coz it wont make sense to get 128mb without no Hdd maybe they gonna give FREE HDD or 5 gb or.. a memory stick with usb or something

Milky Joe3658d ago

I can see there being a lot of problems having the whole dashboard stored on servers that your machine has to have uninterrupted access to whenever you're using it. If anything were to happen to the servers the machines just wouldn't work. I'm sure they've thought about this but it just comes across as a bit dangerous.

I'm a bit confused though, could someone tell me what this NXE actually brings with it because from where I'm sitting all I see is a different menu and some Mii's that have got a bit lost (jk).

enjoi1873658d ago

i can stream starz/netflix movies from NXE

can i do it from home...


razer3658d ago

ive seen home and you can barely walk around without it slowing down to a crawl. they cant even get voice communication working in it. The video running on the displays is all choppy and i cant imagine trying to do a streaming movie on that garbage.

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The story is too old to be commented.