Grand Theft Auto Publisher "Very Sanguine" and "Impressed" about Nintendo Switch's Growth and Sales

Take-Two Interactive Entertainment shares its positive impressions about the commercial performance of the Nintendo Switch.

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strayanalog280d ago

Nice to read Rockstar is optimistic, but it seems they generally are for Nintendo consoles.
Neither confirming or denying any ol' thing, if these guys show something for it in the coming months the internet is going to implode with so much hate and praise.

PhoenixUp279d ago

I’d be more optimistic if Rockstar produced more games

Father__Merrin279d ago

Switch version of any upcoming aaa title from take 2 will be worst on switch

fiveby9279d ago

It's not the worst if I can take that console with me anywhere I go.

Neonridr279d ago

"worst" is subjective. To me, worst is having to play it in a specific spot on a specific TV. Great that I get all dem fancy physics and shiny graphics. But I would rather be playing on my lunch break at work.

Shiken279d ago

So tell me, what is the best version for me to take with me at work?

ocelot07279d ago

Laptop = PC version of course. You asked for the best version I just gave it to you.

Shiken279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Laptop is too bulky to carry around with me and the battery life for gaming is far worse than Switch. I tried the whole gaming laptop thing, not very effective when not plugged in. May as well stick to my desktop PC at that point.

Try again

JackBNimble279d ago

Now you're just making excuses.

You asked a question and got a valid answer... but you don't want to accept the answer given to you.

Shiken279d ago (Edited 279d ago )


How is a laptop a valid option? If it cannot run a game for as long as Switch can and takes a huge performance hit when not plugged in, it is not a viable option for my workplace. With Switch the games are optimised for portable play. Laptops, not so much.

Not to mentiom a decent gaming laptop costs an arm and a leg. So there is that too. No excuses, only facts.

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Tazzy279d ago

Don't matter best selling console EVER and in different parts of the world under powered and it can very well take the console war. :)

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neutralgamer1992279d ago

Gta or rdr2 won't come to switch. R* took a big chance on a very well done GTA on DS yet it sold very badly. For some reason more mature games don't tend to do well on Nintendo consoles as most Nintendo fans also own another console and or pc so they buy rest of their AAA games on other platforms

Neonridr279d ago

1.3 million units on the DS is very badly?

xPhearR3dx279d ago

I'm not sure if you're forgetting that GTA V was originally a PS3/360 game. L.A Noire made it to the Switch, what makes you think GTA V wouldn't? I can see GTA Online not happening, as the last gen versions were cut off from updates a long time ago. Again, considering L.A. Noire made it, and the publisher seems interested. If there ever was a port of GTA V, I wouldn't be surprised one bit. This is also the first Nintendo console that's getting tons of 3rd party support with AAA games coming to a portable platform. Portability is a HUGE factor. L.A Noire being ported and actually released was more of a shock than the thought of GTA V being ported.

Tazzy279d ago

I'm sure they would try to get GTA VI and Red Dead Redemption 2 running on it to see if it can do it I mean Black Ops 4 is supposed to be coming to the Switch as well as Madden and Madden uses the Frostbite 3 engine.

Tigerblud279d ago

I would buy GTA V on Switch. I have never played it even though I have always had a PlayStation.