Incoming: Forum Post Requirements Are Being Changed

Hello all,
Starting tomorrow, 2/07, some forums will be updated with new post requirements. These changes are planned between 10 AM and 12 PM PST.
• Destiny2, Feedback, Gaming, and OffTopic: Players must have reached the Farm in Destiny 2
• Destiny, Clans, Recruitment, Community: Must have a Destiny account
• Help: No game requirements necessary

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Nineball21121231d ago

People are NOT happy over there.

1231d ago
Christopher1231d ago

Likely the issue is people were banned and creating alt accounts to continue complaining.

Nineball21121231d ago

Oh, I'm sure that's going on. Bungie is trying to limit the trolls posting on their forums.

Unfortunately, it's also will affect others who use the Off Topic and Gaming forums that don't troll and who haven't bought D2. Not sure what the best solutions if for them, but best of luck to them.

InTheZoneAC1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

So bungie decides to nerf the offtopic section to their forum, forcing non destiny players to buy the game or leave for good. When did offtopic for all things bungie become such a priority to lock it behind D2?

And yet people still want to make excuses for them...

maybelovehate1231d ago

Why would non destiny players be there to begin with? It isn't their community lol

Nineball21121231d ago

To be fair, it's not

It's for all of Bungie products. And yes, Destiny is really the only product currently I suppose.

This will affect old Halo fans who still use and who haven't purchased D2.

maybelovehate1230d ago

@Nineball2112: Halo is now owned and maintained by 343i, there is a great community there for all Halo games.

InTheZoneAC1230d ago

apparently you can't read or comprehend several points.

Why should one have to own destiny to be a part of that community?

AZRoboto1231d ago

Feedback's restriction is the only one that makes sense. But Bungie/D1 fans who didn't get D2 can't talk about the game in general? They won't be allowed to talk about general gaming or even off-topic?

Bungie needs to worry about making the game better, not making forums worse... especially those forums that have nothing to do with Destiny 2.

Chaosdreams1231d ago

Talk about a fall from the heavens.

Blank1231d ago

Holy hell they are going full retard to their fans. One never goes full retard. In all seriousness this is a bad way to react to the backlash.

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