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Mutant Football League has taken ages to get here, but luckily it delivers everything that made the original so much fun. The crazy over the top action found in the first game from the 90s is present here and looks fantastic. With the added addition of online play, this should be an instant hit with fans and for any gamer that enjoys the arcade style gameplay over simulation.

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BootHammer306d ago

It's fantastic! They really captured the gameplay and fun of the original title on the Sega Genesis.

306d ago
CerebralAssassin306d ago

I played this on Xbox preview. Really disappointed. I loved the old game but whatever this is, it doesn’t not remind me of that. Bummer.

BootHammer306d ago

I didn't get to check it out during the preview, but love the full game. I played tons of it on the Genesis back in the day and this brought back a lot of good memories. I'd love to pick up the original down the road and do a thorough comparison.