Edge: Stormrise Offers Strategy Alternative (Preview)

Edge writes: "While EndWar continues to promote voice-command as the way forward for console strategy, it seems like the analogue stick may have some life left in it yet. While clearly a poor replacement for the mouse when it comes to drawing selection boxes, Creative Assembly's Australian branch has hit upon a way of using a gamepad to control units demonstrably faster than even the speed of speech.

Given the slick, PR-friendly term of 'whip-select', the feature is put into practice for us by QA tester Sanatana Mishra, who also happens to be one of Australia's top WarCraft III players. Pushing the right stick in a direction brings up a dial radiating from centre-screen. Rotating the stick then swings it round, like the arm of a clock, to point at the icon of the desired unit. Alternatively, a quick flick of the same stick transfers control to the nearest unit in that direction, allowing you to rapidly leapfrog across your army without the need for the more precise selection 'whip'."

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