PS4 Overheating – Pro Tips To Cool Your Console

Is your PS4 fan too noisy? Is your PS4 overheating? Then you need to find out the best ways to cool your console. If your console gets too hot it can cause real problems and your fans can break. So, check out these expert tips on how to stop your PS4 from getting too hot.

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Kribwalker254d ago
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Neonridr253d ago

my Pro definitely gets noisy when the fan kicks into high gear.

Sonyslave3253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

Same with my slim lol think I playing it too much.

Neonridr253d ago

mine is in a TV cabinet, but it's open on the front and sides and has a good 6-8 inches above it for clearance.

bloop252d ago

My PS4 fan seems to always kick in when I'd least expect it to. Street fighter 5 for instance, no noise whatsoever when in menu, loading into a fight, during a fight but then on the results screen after a fight it starts going mental. And it's like this with other games too. Always found it bizarre. HZD, in a battle with 2 thunderjaws, a herd of tramplers and a sawtooth........ quiet as a mouse. Displaying the result screen in a mp match.......... Meltdown!!!

feju252d ago

No surprise. Roaches and overheats are the PS4's best friend.

Note: calm down fanbois, don't take it too personal.

UKRsoldja252d ago

I don't know why Bloop got disagrees. He's right. My Pro is quiet during MWR matches, but sounds like a vacuum cleaner in post-game lobby.

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blackblades253d ago

Hell yeah, mines get like that when playing injustice 2 with hdr on.

252d ago
yemijexox252d ago

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LonDonE252d ago

As some one who bought the ps4 and xbox one at launch i have to say, microsoft done well with the original launch xbox one.
It may be ugly to some (not to me) but my launch xbox one is still wiser quite, the only thing noisy after years is the power brick which also has a fan but as long as you clean it out and also clean your console vents with compressed air cans they should be fine!

My launch PS4 does sound like a jet engine about to take off lol!
But again it still works fine, my slim ps4, my elite xbox one and my xbox one s are all wiser quite.
As a Store Manager at CEX i can tell you we get loads of launch ps4 consoles which sound like hoovers.

Either way hats off to both sony and ms for building reliable machines from launch, i think the fail rates for xbox one and ps4 and very good.

Aceman18252d ago

Mine is still whisper quiet because I clear the vents of dust every other week.

Neonridr252d ago

I take care of my stuff too, so it isn't just that.

81BX252d ago

I rarely clean my base ps4 and I've never noticed any noise coming from it.

SonyStyled252d ago

Mines quiet and I’ve taken it apart and cleaned the fans twice in the 3.5 yrs. it’s an easy console do clean

andibandit252d ago

I rarely clean mine, but I dont mind the jet-engine to much since I often wear a headset with ear-cups

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DrumBeat252d ago

Everyone's does, but they'll deny it. Doesn't really scare me though. I'm sure it'll hold up.

Xenophon_York252d ago

Yeah, same with my Pro and The Witcher 3. Oddly enough, games like Gran Turismo: Sport, Destiny 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn don't seem to have that effect.

OmnislashVer36252d ago

Yeah, this is one reason I hope PS5 gets vapor cooling. The other reason is even with the Pro model downsizing the node to 14nm, the console got bigger. So vapor cooling would allow a near-silent console, higher clocks, and smaller footprint instead of a larger one. I really don't mind if I have to pay $499 because with the memory increase to atleast 16GB, likely a larger hard drive, and Ryzen/Vega the price is probably going above $399 anyway. They might as well throw in vapor cooling and go for an even $499. I'll consider it luck if we get it for $449 or less.

nitus10252d ago

The most important thing a heat sink can do is to facilitate the movement of heat from one source to another.

Vapour cooling compared to liquid cooling can be a better solution however it is more expensive. No matter what solution is chosen the fact remains that there is still a need to dissipate the heat into the surrounding air so you need a radiator that is fairly large or a smaller one that is fan assisted. If that final radiator is blocked (eg. dust, insects, etc) then the heat sink performance degrades.

What is vitally important is having the ability to easily clean the radiator no matter what heatsink methodology is used.

The following is just a primer

MattE252d ago

I picked up 2 AV cabinet fans to work off USB for mine, works very well to keep the console cool but it's still pretty noisy.. just use headphones or turn on speakers if available as it's pretty distracting

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isarai253d ago

PS4 Pro owners NEED to know about this(below)

ninsigma252d ago

Thanks for that link. Did not know the top came off like that!

Neonridr252d ago

will definitely have a look, thanks.

Cyborgg252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

The deep cleaning is actually more difficult . Getting to the heat sink I mean

Eidolon252d ago

Try to blow as much air inward to the fan compartment through the heatsink and vacuum.

nitus10252d ago

The problem you have in cleaning any heat sink are the particulates that will cling to the surfaces. Normally dry dust is fairly easy to remove and "gentle" vacuum cleaning and a fine paint brush will usually suffice, however, if the particulates stick to the heatsink surfaces (eg. tobacco smoke plus dust) then the best solution is to wash the radiator which can be a much more difficult thing to do.

BTW. When I say "gentle" vacuum cleaning I mean putting your cleaner nozzle about two to five centimeters above the outlet although I would strongly suggest preventing the fan blades from moving (use a wire). Obviously, make sure your device is not connected to a power outlet.

Xenophon_York252d ago

What? No way.... That's awesome. I'd been afraid to clean my fan because of the warranty. This is the coolest little-known secret of the, well, day—because yesterday I figured out a pretty awesome secret—but this one is still up there.

LateNightThirst252d ago

Its so damn hard to remove that cover lol

LoveSpuds252d ago

Really great post squire, while I am not having overheating issues my fan does get noisy now and then. I had no idea it was this easy to clean, fair play to Sony's design here, brilliant!

Thanks again fella 👍👍

I_am_Batman252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

I wouldn't recommend this method. Chances are you're going to compress the dust into the heatsink and make things worse. Not to mention that the spinning fan will act as a generator and might cause damage to some parts.

If you want to do it right there is no way around disassembling the console, brushing of the dust with esd brushes (Don't use regular brushes), replacing the thermal paste, checking the thermal pads and replacing them when needed. You can use compressed air to clean the heat sink when it's disassembled.

In essence it's not really that hard and there are a lot of tutorials on how to do it properly. The problem is that the PS4 is a bitch to open up. First there is the weird choice of security torx with some random phillips screws thrown in. Secondly, and that was a real problem with mine, that the plactic cover is impossibly tight. It took me more than 30 minutes to pry that thing open and the cover was close to crack (kinda made me wonder what all those screws were for).

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paintedgamer1984252d ago

I personally went and bought a small fan that makes hardly any noise at all pointed directly at my ps4pro. I also have it elevated off the floor by 2 pieces of wood so air can pass above and below it. Since doing that the fans hardly ever kick on. The main reason why i did this is that i noticed during long game sessions the fans would go into a high speed and i wanted to prevent that.

rainslacker252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Might work better to point it away from the ps4. That'll blow the hot air away. The system fan is sufficient to pull the cool air in, and a fan doesn't actually lower the ambient temperature around the system.

kreate252d ago

I have the same set up except the fan part. I just have it elevated on 2 piece of wood for air to flow underneath and over the PS4. I also make sure room temp never goes above 76. No issue whatsoever in this set up.

slappy508252d ago

I got a ps4 docking station not only it charges my controllers and add 4 USB slots it's also got 2 fans which seems to really help. I haven't noticed my ps4 being noisy since

trooper_252d ago

I bookmarked it. Thanks too.


Yeah mine gets wayyyy too loud sometimes, sounds like its about to take off lol

execution17252d ago

Mine only seems to do that on certain games during start up than it quiets down a bit