The Five Most Criminally Absent Songs from Rock Band and Guitar Hero (And None of Them are by Led Zeppelin) writes: "Guitar Hero and Rock Band have released an impressive amount of classic rock songs in their glorious three year reign atop the world of video game music. Having dethroned DDR and horrible remixes of old Nintendo songs as the kings of video game music, Guitar Hero and Rock Band have brought classics such as "Highway Star", "Paint It Black", and "Free Bird" to tiny, colorful, plastic guitars across the world. But for all those guitar anthems, there are some very perplexing inclusions throughout the series (most notably the entire 7th tier of Guitar Hero III). This becomes all the more inexcusable when you consider this list of songs that are criminally absent from the series. Inevitably, these lists include a song by Led Zeppelin, or some other band that has never been on any Guitar Hero or Rock Band game in any capacity. As promised by the title, this article will have none of that. This list is all about the hard rockingest, face meltingest, head bangingest, casual friendliest songs by bands Activision and Harmonix have already paid."

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big shadow3662d ago

all those songs are awesome

outlawlife3662d ago

actually most of journey's back catalog should be on guitar hero just due to the incredible guitar moments in journey songs

band that have "real guitar hero moments" that should have more of an impact on guitar hero games, the song selection has been pretty poor when it comes to actually getting into and feeling the songs

the first guitar hero had some really awesome moments but now it is all about as many button presses as possible

Smacktard3662d ago

Rolling Stones are absolute trash. The GnR cover of Symphony for the Devil is only about 10x better.