More Troubles Coming for Quantic Dream as Paris Council Investigates Their Use of Public Funding

The Paris Council today issued a document titled 'On the toxic corporate culture of Quantic Dream', chastising not only the dreadful photomontages but also the company's "extremely questionable" termination procedures and excessive pressure for overtime or "crunch". They will now look into the amount of public funding received by Quantic Dream.

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KaiPow350d ago

Good on them for addressing the "not quite mandatory but still mandatory" crunch time. That's lead to a lot of burnout in gamedev.

lxeasy350d ago

Shame this is one of my fav dev's but if evidence comes out that they are not treating their workers right then consequences must be made.

InTheZoneAC349d ago

Every company is like this, it just seems like someone filed a complaint

OB1Biker350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

The problem is, if you read it, everything this politician pushes for ( Danielle Simmonet, and also blaming the government bth) is based on 'statement and revelation from the press'. Not based on recognized fact or judgment from justice

TheUndertaker85350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

What you just described is exactly what an investigation is for. To gather facts or evidence relating to a potential crime or injustice to show that either Quantic Dream has been overworking employees along with other possible allegations or they have not.

What's worse is "Not based on recognized fact or judgment from justice". Where do the facts come from with no investigation? How do you gain a judgement without securing evidence one way or the other?

Also as you said it is a politician seeking justice. Is that not what they're supposed to be doing? Looking to defend the people within their jurisdiction, creating a better work environment for the community, and potentially stopping injustices? Particularly if Quantic Dream is taking advantage of public funding which is granted by the government and subject to oversight?

OB1Biker350d ago

There are investigations on their way already
This is not a justice investigation but a politic personality pushing for questioning public funds allowed to QD without waiting for what the justice has to say

Servbot41350d ago

Which is why it's an investigation and not a trial. At least read the headline before fanboying out and jumping to their defense.

OB1Biker350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

Or read the article rather than the headline the site gives it?
The council investigate their (own) use of public funding based on allegations they have no intention of investigating but qualify as 'revelations'

On the proposal of Danielle Simonnet, the Paris Council expresses the wish that:

– the Paris Council is informed of the amounts received by the Quantic Dream company in the framework of supported Cap Digital and other projects;
– the city finally undertakes a reflection to make binding the aid granted to reimbursement clause in the event of non-compliance with these clauses and the law;
– the mayor of Paris calls on the government to remove postings at the labor inspectorate cease and the number of employees is increased.

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rainslacker350d ago (Edited 350d ago )

They can address it, but it won't mean anything. Crunch is caused through improper project management, unrealistic expectations, and/or poor direction on the scope of the game vs. the resources provided for said project.

Crunch has been addressed by many game developers, articles that report within the industry, been talked about by many high ups in the industry through conferences and even focus groups to discuss it. Crunch still exists though. Some developers are better than others with it, but I can't think of a single game with a budget of more than 1 million dollars which was made without crunch.

It'd be great if the industry could do more to cut down on the crunch, because most jobs do require some overtime sometimes, but it is heavy in the gaming industry. It is indeed the biggest reason that experienced devs end up leaving the industry, because too much crunch can take it's toll on people. Over time, they realize that it doesn't matter where they go, they're probably going to end up having the same issues.

In this case, the most that would happen is that public funding would be removed, and possibly fines levied by breaking any relevant laws that say that excessive overtime is not allowed....which would be something with EU laws which are heavily in favor of the employee.

Dlacy13g349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

I do agree 100% around cutting down the crunch and allowing game devs a more normal life schedule but as you also noted is pretty much a staple of the industry.

Side note, I had no idea they were getting public funding. I know we have heard this games budget was around 30 million but did that figure take into account public funding or could the actual budget once you factor in that support be considerably higher? Not that it matters but it does have me curious.

ccgr350d ago

Let justice be served!

Septic349d ago

Lol at the disagrees 🤣🤣

Chris_Wray350d ago

Far from a surprise that something like this has caught the attention of the council. They'll look to act on mistreatment both as a necessity and also a means of generating good publicity. Nobody likes companies mistreating employees as Quantic have apparantly been doing.

Chaosdreams350d ago

... Can we get Detroit: Become Human, before something horrible happens?

Alexious350d ago

At this point, I think they'd release it anyway. I don't know about any further projects, though.

Ryuujinjakka350d ago

In the worst case they would just leave France like Ubisoft did. So you don't have to worry except if you are a french employee working at Quantic Dream.

rainslacker349d ago

The game will likely release before the bureaucrats come to any conclusion. I've never known any government to be able to resolve an issue without months or years of investigations. Just look at the whole thing around the Russian involvement in the election. It's been going on since before the election. Even now, it doesn't seem like anyone is really in a hurry to release any conclusion.

In the grand scheme of things, this won't really effect QD much. Their game will release, and this matter won't make much difference to sales. By the time their next game comes out, people will have forgotten about this. QD may lose some public funding, which may make their games cost more to produce for the publisher, but if they can get funding, they will go on as before.

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