GameSpot BlizzCon 2008: World of Warcraft Q&A panel

GameSpot writes: "A chunk of World of Warcraft's ravenous fan base, which currently services around 11 million active worldwide subscribers, was out in force today at BlizzCon's open World of Warcraft question and answer session. Chaired by Blizzard staff Chris Metzen, Cory Stockton, Jeff Kaplan, and J Allen Brack, users had their chance to form a single orderly line and fire their concerns and observations directly at the team responsible for the cult MMO. Cheers and heckles were thrown from all directions as players stood up to air their grievances. Blizzard took their beating and in most cases gave answers to why current problems with talent tree skill placement had occurred, or why a particular design decision was currently under review. We've boiled the hour session down to a more manageable explanation and stripped out all the Shammy QQ'ing."

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