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Playing a racing game with a controller is fun, but racing game super fans should take their experience to the next level.

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Neonridr254d ago

Thrustmaster T300 for me. A step up above the lower end wheels from Thrustmaster along with a better drive system over the G29/G920 from Logitech. It's not as good as the Fantec wheels, but it's also not coming in at a ridiculous price. Got mine over xmas for $289 (Canadian) so super happy with the price.

FITgamer254d ago

I have the T300 RS GT and I love it. I use to love logitech wheels, but they are out dated now. Belt drive or GTFO.

Elwenil254d ago

I'm not buying any more f**king wheels. I bought a G27 back when Gran Turismo 5 came out. You know, back when the G27 was going for $300 or more? And I thought, this will be cool, and it's USB so that should be good for a good decade or so. But for whatever reason, Polyphony screwed me and didn't provide direct support for the most popular wheel sold back then until long after everyone was done with the game and then Sony pisses on my campfire once again by not allowing the G27 to work with the PS4. It still works great on my PC though and I use it all the time for racing, ATS or Spintires, but I'm not buying any more of these expensive things. They are just too much of a pain to setup properly on something like a desk and I don't have the room for one of the cool gaming chair, pedal, wheel mount deals.

And yes, I'm a little salty about the whole mess. ;D

doomster71254d ago

I would love to get a wheel to play gt sport/ forza and PGC2 but as far as I'm aware I can't use whatever one I buy on both Xbone and PS4 and when the next consoles come out it'll probably be incompatible. It's a bit of a costly gamble for me.

Goldby253d ago

Shouldn't this be an opinion piece it article instead of news?