Don't Forget The Last Guardian

Even barely over a year past its release, The Last Guardian lives in Shadow of the Colossus' shadow now more than ever.

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UltraNova308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

The Last Guardian was a great game. A game for players who appriciate different experiences.

As for the "living in SotC's shadow" statement, I have to say, people who expected tLG to be a better game than the former clearly were asking for the impossible and desrved their inevitable dissapointment. SoTCs was/is masterpiece.

That said, while i was playing tLG I thought to myself, man this would be great if it had VR support. Total immersion in that fantastic world would be tremendous. A PSVR update is a no brainner imho.

TheGamez100308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

I mean I heard tons of praise on the game and will try to beat it one day.....its just that the technical issues annoy me so much that I had to stop playing. Horrible framerate and the input lag for the controls...was really hoping theyd patch the game some day to fix these problems by a ton. Still dont understand why theyd release the game with such a mess...
Maybe bluepoint could remake the game properly for the ps5 in the future eh.

Knushwood Butt308d ago

Playing it now.

Frustrating for sure. My main beef is control of the kid. Don't understand why they made him so vague. It's like, just jump over there!!

However, just when I feel like turning it off, something pretty special happens and it restores my faith in the game.

AspiringProGenji308d ago

This is kind the same complain I am hearing with Monster Hunter’s combat... guess people don’t like slow and methodical gameplay and instead frenetic 0 ms response time like fighting games all the time.There’s a reason Team Ico games feel different from others, and once ten game grows on you becomes something else.

I think The Last Guardia was something especial. Sure the Shadow of the Colossus overshadows it, but that doesn’t take anything from TLG.

ORyanDeee307d ago

yeah I bought the game and played about 30mins and just cant stand the framerate and input lag, was waiting to see if they would patch it, but doesn't look like it

PhoenixUp308d ago

One game has you mercilessly slaughtering a bunch of colossi while the other features you going on an adventure with a stubborn baby colossi that’s the last of its kind.

The juxtaposition is really unsettling.

rezzah306d ago

The Last Guardian, it is in the title.

AllThingsShining306d ago

But there's loads of them in the game. And then at the end it has a baby. In what world does that make it 'the last of its kind'?

cha0sknightmare307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Beautiful game with some absolutely frustrating times guaranteed. I only slogged through it to see what happened, but i could never do it again. The controls are unresponsive, Trico is "realistic" and therefor ignores you or doesn't do what you want or need him to do, sometimes for up to and more than 20 mins... you can clearly see what you want him to do, and tell him... but nope. Multiple times i had to reload saves as he had "bugged" and would not what i was asking. Infuriating.