New high-resolution textures released for the first Mass Effect game

Modders ‘CreeperLava’ and ‘CDAMJC’ have released new versions of their high quality texture packs for the first Mass Effect game, ALOT and MEUITM. These new versions feature some new high-resolution textures for a number of characters, surfaces and objects, and they are a must-have for everyone who wants to replay Bioware’s title.

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311d ago
TedCruzsTaint311d ago

Once I have a bit more time on my hands, might need to do a run through the series. Good excuse to do so. Doesn't hurt that I never actually completed Mass Effect 3. Guess I'll even give the Andromeda a whirl, when the time comes, being that you can already get the thing for peanuts.

--bienio--311d ago

Never try first part, but second was good. It’s worth try??

ThatGuyDart311d ago

The Mass Effect Trilogy is the greatest in video game history.

Do it.

Tsar4ever01310d ago

To bad only PC gamers can take advantage of hi rez texture mods like this, if BioWare was to re-launch the trilogy on current consoles, we still wouldn't be able to install these textures, unless Bioware allows mods support like Bethesda does for Skyrim & Fallout.

TheOttomatic91310d ago

Do any of the Mass Effect games on 360 BC have any 4K support?