PUBG has sold over 26 million copies

PUBG Corp has sent over some interesting stats pertaining to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Since release, the game broke all of Steam’s concurrent player records, and has also sold over 26 million copies across PC and Xbox One.

DiRtY2065d ago

That is impressive.

You guys can't deny that this is a massive win for Microsoft to have this available on Xbox and not on any other console.

Cyborgg2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

This game was already successful on PC and it would also be successful on all consoles. I'm sure the PS4 version will be successful as well.

darthv722065d ago

Would it be successful on PS4? I mean the system is touted as the place to play single player cinematic games. Many may have a multiplayer component but it isnt why people buy into them. Or so it has been said by many here.

chrisoadamson2065d ago

no confirmation of any ps4 release . unless you know different ?

DialgaMarine2065d ago

@darthv72 every major multiplayer multiplat to date has sold millions more on PS4. Multiplats in general sell significantly better on PS4. There are over 30 million concurrent PS + users. Yes, PUBG would be far more successful on That PS4. #Facts

darthv722065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

@marine, did it ever occur to you that multiplats sell better because they run better on the PS4? It was like that last gen when multiplats ran better on 360, hence they sold better.

Also, since PS+ is a requirement now for multiplayer it is only obvious that the number of paid members was going to increase compared to last gen. That still doesnt guarantee that this game would be a hit on the PS4.

Kingthrash3602065d ago

Why is it that you guys give Xbox more credit than is due?
Every game sold more on ps4 when available on all consoles. Tomb raider had a year head start on Xbox and got out sold by ps4.
Playstation has ALL types of gamers on it not just so cinematic games...cod sold more bf sold more tf sold more...as far as your power narrative goes ww2 sold more on ps4 so did MH and star wars. It's cool that pubg sold as much as it had but 80% of these sales are pc sales.

Kumakai2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

duh... you could say that for EVERY successful game. uncharted would have sold more if it were available on pc and xbox. it would have sold more if it was released on ps4 and xbox. more people is just more people.

if a game is successful, it will be successful wherever its launched. its the game being good that does the work of how successful it is. giving more people access moves bigger numbers. exclusives by their very name are limited releases, thus they limit their user base. thats the point. only people with x can play y so buy x.

Cyborgg2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Even though I got this game on PC already it's just a matter of time for it to release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.



darthv722065d ago

@thrash, you seem to forget that the main focus from MS has always been about multiplayer. Its why the og xbox was released with a built in LAN connection to bridge multiple systems together either locally or online. It is why Live has been a primary source of income for MS and why they tout MAU more so than units sold.

Sony has treated online multiplayer as an after thought. Its why i said most see the PS4 as the SP system to play more so than MP. As for why games sell more it is like i said above. Performance of the game runs better on PS4 so it would be logical that people wanting the best experience would by the PS4 (when it comes to console gaming). It's not hard to figure out because it was like that last gen.

I'm sorry if people dont agree but games that were multiplat tended to perform better on the 360 compared to the PS3 so people would buy the better performing game. As a side effect, if that game included multiplayer then people would buy into Live in order to play despite there being free multiplayer on the PS3 for the same game. This gen, those roles have been reversed.

Now, as for the appeal of this game it just doesnt seem to fit the narrative of the PS4 type of game (or player). Hence why I asked if it would be successful. This game fits the narrative of an XBO game with its focus on online multiplayer first and foremost. I'd feel that to be successful on the PS4 they would need to include a SP campaign like majority of all the other high profile games that have been successful on the platform.

Cyborgg2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )


"I'd feel that to be successful on the PS4 they would need to include a SP campaign like majority of all the other high profile games that have been successful on the platform."

You might be right. Time will tell. Not to mention PS4 gamers will probably be more interested in other games like Spiderman and RDR2 by the time PUBG release on PS4. If it release on PS4.


The developers wants to release PUBG on Nintendo Switch as well. They said they would like to release on all platforms including Switch


Not trying to be an a$$ but this game is VERY CPU extensive, you have to have a pretty decent CPU to even get 30fps at low settings. X1 suffers between 20-30fps and very inconsistent and it has an 8 core 1.75ghz, Im sure PS4's 1.6ghz 8 core would struggle more with frame rate at the game current state. X1X's 2.35ghz 8 core stays around 30fps @ 4k so PS4 Pro's 2.1ghz 8 core should at least fair better than X1's!

Professor_K2065d ago

Doubt it, ps4 fan boys were calling it garbage and that they didn't want it on their console. Also doubt the pro could even handle it LOL

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AspiringProGenji2065d ago

Eh, that’s cool there’s no denying that, but the devs are the ones actually getting the dough here, which is good for them. MS gets to atttack people to their Console because of the hype, but how much is it helping to catch up to Sony? Nothing will matter once it comes to Ps4, unless MS buys PUBG corp that is

Sonyslave32065d ago

Agree I can see me buying them

Malphite2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

You can call it a massive win, I see it as a forced reaction to the strong exclusive lineup of the competition. The game surely is successful on Xbox and it probably even helped MS sell a good amount of consoles but it doesn't solve their problem at all. It is a short term patch for a long term problem.

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Edito2064d ago

It's not in my eyes i dont know if what i feel about this game is the same thing people say about not liking PS4 exclusives but if that is the case i understand you now.

Overrated game.

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AmstradAmiga2065d ago

My god, you ever thought of being a detective or better yet, a super hero that goes by the name Captain Obvious?

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lxeasy2065d ago

I would think that most sales were on PC considering it was on PC for almost a year before it came to Xbox... You're so smart Elda lmaol

Elda2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Thanks!! But I have a fab job already!! Love you!!

Brazz2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

85-90% of those sales are on pc, xbox is barely at 3M.

Brazz2065d ago

I have my momments watson. For real, i'm just pointing the fact that xbox is a minor character in pubg success. Many ignore this and act like xbox caused a huge impact on pubg sucess, also they act like pubg had groundbreaking numbers on xbox platafform, i mean, 3M is good, but that is it.

vega2752064d ago

@ Brazz

No one is acting like xbox made PUBG a success. The problem is ps4 fans was claiming it wouldn't sell. Then when they were proven wrong you guys come up with a new excuse to down play the success they are having on console.

Yes PUBG sold over 20 million on pc. But in the short time it's been released on xbox one it has sold extremely well also. Which the same can't be said for lawbreaker. Just because a console has a higher install base doesn't mean your game will sell well.

darthv722065d ago

That "barely at 3m" is still impressive for a game in early access.

xX-oldboy-Xx2065d ago

If it comes to other consoles - x will be 3rd again in sales. It just can't get a break.

vega2752065d ago

Wow barely hitting 3 Million on xbox one. It still did better that Lawbreaker on ps4 with the higher install base.

Brazz2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Yeah sure, also 3m is a good number, never said otherwise. Im just saying that pubg have HUGE numbers on pc, they managed to surpass 20M on their own legs , and xbox is just... "a good extra".
I read some comments of people acting like pubg is the bigest console exclusive (timed?) and that xbox played a big part in pubg commercial success, well... guess what, these guys are wrong.
Pubg got good numbers on consoles, but not groundbreaking ( +3M sales), also, for now, xbox is just a Minor character in pubg sales, pubg corp made this game huge, and xbox just got a minor role on this, far from the "main character" that many belive.

Edit: never played lawbreakers, but i read its prety much a poor overwatch clone.

81BX2064d ago

No you haven't