Should Game Retailers be Worried About Xbox Gamepass?

With Microsoft now launching their 1st party games on Gamepass, on day 1 of their release. Many for celebrating Microsoft's move as pushing the industry forward, into the digital age. But, not all are excited over Microsoft's move into a Netflix like service. Many independent retailers, have been vocally criticizing Microsoft over this service, even to the extent of threatening to pull their Xbox merchandise off the shelves. How can bigger retailers like, Gamestop, fair in this "digital revolution". How do they fight back, or is it too late?

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FallenAngel1984306d ago

How many times will this be asked

rainslacker306d ago

The answer is no. So I suppose it'll keep being asked since the journalist think the answer is maybe....or just want clicks.

More on topic, I'm sure the retailers aren't keen on what MS seems like it will offer with new releases, but I doubt they have to worry about it right now. Retailers can do more harm to MS right now than MS can do to them if they want. Despite what some may say, MS needs the retailers because they can't make it with digital alone right now.

darthv72305d ago

Where are the "are retailers worried about redbox and gamefly" articles? I dont seem to recall any because it wasnt a big deal then and it isnt a big deal now. The service is not for those who buy their games, it's for those who rent. Retail will be just fine because there is always going to be a market to sell to.

TheDriz305d ago

I don’t think the answer is no.

S2Killinit305d ago

They should be very worried.

TheCommentator305d ago

Retailers make bank on accessories, not much on games, and practically nothing on consoles. Gamestop won't stop selling because they live off of trades. Big box won't stop because Xbox is also a BluRay player/app streaming device.

At any rate, it's better to have the infrastructure in place to be able to move with the transition to digital than it is to lag behind. Besides, Sony has PS Now streaming PS4 games, and that still circumvents brick and mortar, taking away sales. The only difference, besides delivery method, is MS decided to put all 1st party on their service.

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MasterCornholio305d ago

Even if it does become a problem for them they still have the PS4 and Switch which don't have a service like gamepass. I honestly don't believe it will affect retailers that much.

optimus305d ago

not yet they don't, but i'm willing to bet that those 2 are waiting to see how well microsoft will do in this venture...keep in mind that it took sony a few years to turn their multiplayer service into a paid subscription once they saw microsoft was making a lot of money from it. nintendo just delayed their online service to the fall of this year so i'm sure they have something to add to it.....just to give you a glimpse of things to buy just announced they will no longer be carrying music cd's...i'm sure games will follow if microsoft gains subscribers with game pass.

TGG_overlord305d ago

I would have to see some before and after stats before I say anything about the matter.

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