Top 5 Walking Simulators Of All Time

BacklogCritic: "The phrase ‘walking simulator’ is often used in a negative way to describe games lacking in action sequences. While hardcore gamers may consider any title that doesn’t involve swinging swords or shooting bad guys to be boring, over the years many developers have taken a simpler approach to video game design, choosing to create a complex and intriguing story instead of a button-mashing frenzy. Listed below are 5 of the very best games that, in my opinion, defy the negative stereotype of the boring walking simulator, instead delivering experiences that have the player eager to uncover the narrative"

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Fist4achin257d ago

Dear esther was a huge walking simulator. I enjoyed firewatch and everything that happened. These games definitely take on a different way to tell a story. Cool stuff, but probably not for everybody. Sometimes i just crave more fast paced action, but these are fun to experience as well.