God of War Dualshock 4 Appears to Have Leaked

After a Bulgarian website leaked what looks like a God of War PS4 Pro bundle, we suddenly appear to have some news of a God of War Dualshock 4 in the wild!! Get ready to be disappointed.

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Kribwalker310d ago

the silver DS4 is a pretty good looking controller. Might have to pick one of those up. I think the controller the guy has is a fake though. It’s the same but with the little symbol, and he only showed a tiny bit of it

Neonridr309d ago

yeah, could just be a vinyl sticker he put on it.

FITgamer308d ago

I don't think it's a sticker. If you blow the image up the shimmer is pretty consistent with paint. Also you can't see any hard edges.

Neonridr308d ago

@FITgamer - yep, you could be right. Although skills nowadays are getting better :P

RacerX308d ago

Why even try to keep a God of War DS4 secret? Everyone knew it was coming.

PressXtoBacon309d ago

pretty underwhelming. I doubt this is real

morganfell308d ago

Yeah the symbol doesn't appear to be contoured to the controller. Looks like a bad fake.

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TheCommentator308d ago

It was a light-hearted play on words and you have to go play the full fanboy card. Besides, shouldn't you be the one crying if this is what the controller actually looks like? Who'd pay an extra fee for a 1" stamp on their controller?

Even the guys who wrote the article said this: "Yo! Time to be honest for a moment. Sony’s special edition Dualshock 4’s this generation have been lacking. Especially compared to special edition Xbox One controllers!!! Have you seen the Sea of Thieves controller?! Pretty damn sweet!"

DialgaMarine308d ago

Yes, because god knows my gaming experience just can’t be enjoyed without an overly fancy looking controller.

morganfell308d ago

The Xbox fans suddenly trying to shore up their reputation and pretend they like PlayStation. It is fairly obvious who that is. All that was missing was the First In The Thread remark.

TheCommentator308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

@ DialgaMarine
I simply thought the title was funny, which is why I posted. You said Xbox fanboys were crying about it, but it was actually the authors of the article who were which is why I pulled the quote from the article. Nobody but you mentioned an association between a controllers looks and the amount of enjoyment one gets from playing a game with it.

@ Morganfell
Who's pretending to like Playstation? Everyone who knows me knows I don't like it already, so if I had something bad to say I certainly wouldn't feel the need to stealth troll. Look at my comment history if you need confirmation. Not really sure what you're going on about with the "first in thread" remark either, since I've never done that and this comment isn't first.

Look, I'm sorry if my joking about a leaky controller offended any of you... but you guys are seriously overreacting to a rather harmless OP.

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morganfell308d ago

Was I replying to you? Nope. No I was not. Was my reply in the direct line to you? Does it sit in the direct trace line? No it doesn't? Feeling guilty about something?

TheCommentator308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

I apologize, but I assumed that you were directing that comment towards me because I had posted the quote from the article mentioning the SoT controller. Honestly, it was my mistake, and I think I misjudged your character a bit as well. I hope you realize I was not trying to be hostile towards you, but to explain why I was confused about your post.

Who were you directing that comment towards then? I'm honestly still confused...

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Sgt_Slaughter308d ago

Is no one questioning the way this article is written? If it wasn't made by a middle schooler, it's embarrassing.

Kornholic308d ago

It's The Playstation Brahs, brah!

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