The Evolution of Final Fantasy Battle Systems – Part 5: Continuous Change

In the fifth and final part of this series, it's time to explore the most recent mainline entries into the Final Fantasy franchise and deep dive into their battle and leveling systems.

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PhoenixUp281d ago

“Final Fantasy XV was the antitheses of Final Fantasy XIII”

No kidding.

- Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels that take place in fantastical worlds that are literally and culturally disconnected. Final Fantasy XV takes place in a whole, connected world with a lot of ties to our own real world.

- Final Fantasy XII has a bright color scheme with the main characters’ clothing. Final Fantasy XV has a dark color scheme with its main characters’ clothing.

- Final Fantasy XIII is about defying the will of the gods and the roles the crystals have placed upon them. Final Fantasy XV is about fulfilling the will of the gods and stepping into the role the crystals set out.

- Final Fantasy XIII starts out with a party that hates one another and the cast routinely get switched around. Final Fantasy XV starts out with a party that loves one another and they stay with each other for most of the game.

- Final Fantasy XIII has a happy ending. Final Fantasy XV has a bittersweet sad ending.

- Final Fantasy XIII has no DLC while Final Fantasy XV has an abundance of DLC.

richierich280d ago

I actually thought the FF13 story was miles better than FF15