PS I Love(d) You – Jak & Daxter – The Precursor Legacy

ThisGenGaming Says:"I had fun playing Jak & Daxter. It’s not the best platformer around but it doesn’t outstay its welcome and the collecting of Power Cells is genuinely rewarding. The platforming and camera could have used some refining as is the case with the vehicle sections, but in the end I can’t say I didn’t enjoy my time with this likeable duo. It at least succeeded in making me curious about the sequels."

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PhoenixUp255d ago

I’m playing through all four titles on PS4

stefan_771255d ago

This is the only good Jak game

bloodyspasm255d ago

If that's true you may have saved me some hours 😃 so far I prefer ratchet & clank. Only played one game of each though

stefan_771254d ago

The shooting is dysfunctional, It consists of looking at a target and praying the automatic lock on works, the checkpoint placements are awful as in redoing most of the mission after you die and the controls, the jump button especially, are very unresponsive. Avoid them