Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Is at Its Best on PC

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is now available for PC, but how does it stack up to its console counterpart? Quite well, in fact.

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aarogree256d ago

Square Enix seems to be killing it with its PC ports.

munchmiller256d ago

"Square Enix seems to be killing its PC ports. "

There ya go. Fixed. Free of charge. Surely you were in error. At least, I hope you were, given the hideous state of, well..... almost "every" SE PC port to date?

256d ago
aarogree256d ago

Clearly neither of you tried the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition benchmark.

GameBoyColor256d ago

Say that again to all those who own nier on pc lmao

bigmalky256d ago

Good gameplay is good gameplay, no matter what platform it is on. FF XII was as good as it is on PS4, PC or Xbox...

Graphics and FPS do not make a great game. This is someone who owns a gaming PC, yet sick of the hardware wars.

If you care about games, it's not what you play them on, but how good the game is.

GameBoyColor256d ago

Which is funny cuz i remember people hating on xii for it's gameplay and story years ago. They all come around eventually.