E3 Passes On Sale To The Public On Feb. 12th

For those not in the media who wish to attend; Gamer Passes to E3 2018 will be on Sale Beginning February 12 Industry and media registration is open now

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derkasan258d ago

That media and industry time on Tuesday and Wednesday is going to be a godsend.

Garethvk258d ago

For certain. Last year on day 1 it was so crazy they had to open the floor early due to the public massing in the lobbies and creating a safety issue. Once inside they all blocked the aisles and such and it took 10-20 min just to walk from one part of an aisle to another and you had to push past people shoulder to shoulder to get by. After a couple hours the security sorted it and good a good traffic flow going and the following days were better. That being said, having three hours to hit the floor and get meetings in is awesome.

258d ago
derkasan257d ago

Believe me, I was in the thick of it. I had an appointment right at noon on that Tuesday, and they were so confused when I arrived there early. It was an absolute madhouse.

stokedAF258d ago

Nice I wish I lived closer. Actually, I wish it was held at a closer location. I have no desire to go to California lol.

Retroman258d ago

Wish E3 come to Seattle instead of Dota 2 each june.

Garethvk257d ago

It would not happen. PAX West fills up what they have and many game companies will not Take elaborate sets out of area. Plus Activision and EA do not go to PAX. LA has the space needed. I know Seattle got more space allocated a couple blocks away but L.A. has the space and venues. Plus foreign press love coming to CA in the summer.

Retroman257d ago

take it you too live here with your reply. Convention center and New Hotels poping up should be able cover E3. been to Pax west more Comiccon people dressing like Yugioh,Deadpool,Goku , about games. would love to ask EA developer why can't they get NFS right anymore? im dying to ask.

Garethvk257d ago

Used to live there and have main office. The big issue is travel. So many companies are in So Cal and they do not want to have to ship the huge sets and tech to Seattle. PAX does a great job of drawing them in but that is a fan first show. E3 is for the media and is the showcase. So they want the space and the glam of L.A. and they want all the world's media focused on them. You do not see sets as elaborate as E3 at PAX. I remember Bethesda did an amazing Vault as well as a Prey station and walkthough for Dishonored. PAX got one section of the Dishonored only. It was easier to contract a company in L.A. to build it all up for the show and go from there. I also think there is a long term deal in place for L.A.