Top 10 Best RPGs of All Time

BacklogCritic: "There are many games with RPG elements such as experience points, levels, quests, dialogue trees or wheels, but offering the same solutions and the same outcomes no matter how personalised the characters may seem, which makes them cosmetic RPGs. Here is our top 10 RPGs of all time"

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UnderDude2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

No Skyrim? No Fallout 3/4? No Mass Effect? No Dragon Age? No Dark Souls? No Final Fantasy? Meh

Too many old games nobody plays! This list sucks...

gamejediben2293d ago

Fallout 3 & 4 are pale shadows compared to Fallout New Vegas. Skyrim is good but Morrowind is still the gold standard of elder scrolls games. The others probably should have been on the list in some form.

Old games rock. No Day 1 patches or DLC. No Micro-transactions or Loot Boxes. Games worked at launch instead of being incomplete. you seriously need to go and play some of the masterpieces from the past. Start with Chrono Trigger. You'll thank me later.

2293d ago
thorstein2293d ago

What about Shadowrun? SNES, amazing RPG. Genesis had a version that was a completely different story and also amazing.

gamejediben2293d ago

I loved Shadowrun so much. Never played the Genesis version but I did try the new Shadowrun Returns. It rocked!

kevnb2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Are you joking? Baldurs gate 2 is much better than dragon age, mass effect doesn’t hold a candle to something like Deus Ex and Skyrim isn’t even the best in its own series.

TheOptimist2293d ago

Apart from NV on top and Arx Fatalis in the list, I pretty much agree with it. Good games, in depth systems worthy of being called RPGs. Full blown RPGs.

UnderDude2293d ago

What would you put on top instead?

TheOptimist2293d ago

It'd be a tough choice honestly. Deus Ex is an extremely good contender with Witcher 3 following close behind. When you boil it down to the top 3, it'll definitely be Deus Ex Witcher 3 and Divinity Original Sin 2.

Grimwood2293d ago

There are no good rpgs so far. I mean, really good. The genre still has to get a masterpiece (like action adventures e.g.). The closest one so far is Witcher 3, but still so far to go.

SegaGamer2293d ago

What on earth are you talking about? There has been a ton of great RPG's.

SegaGamer2293d ago

Some of these aren't even RPG's. I'm seeing this a lot lately.


Cyberpunk 2077 Director On 95% Positive Steam Rating: "Never Thought I'd See It"

Cyberpunk 2077 has come a long way from being one of the worst games on the planet to being one of the best ones.

DustMan3d ago

I shelved it after a few hours in game at launch, glad I didn't refund it. One of the few games I've actually completed in the last year, and after finishing the campaigns I wanted to just jump back in from the start. They pulled a No Mans Sky and finished one of the best FPS in the last few years.


Games That Were Bad on Release, But Are Now Great

BLG writes, "Some of the most popular games have had a rough start, with some of them being downright unplayable.

Despite that, developers have managed to turn it around for them and make their game worth playing. Here are some games that had a rough start but were pretty great."

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Terry_B15d ago

Good list..hoped to see Street Fighter 5 there..and it is.

Vits15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Sea of Thieves... I'm not disagreeing that the game has improved in terms of content. But I feel that the most significant change between now and its release is actually the public perception. Nowadays, most people are aware that the game is a multiplayer PvP-focused experience first and foremost, and not "Black Flag made by Rare". Consequently, people dismissing the whole experience because the single-player aspect is lacking or the story is plain are much less common.

darthv7215d ago

Several years ago, i submitted an idea to Rare that would change up the mechanics of battling opponents in the game. whereby if you died in battle, you turned into a skeleton warrior and had to fight your way back to the land of the living. It was an interesting twist on respawning and would allow the player to experience both sides of a battle.

I keep hoping to see something like that get added to the game.

Kaii15d ago

They consider FO 76 & ME Andromeda to be great now 🤭

anast15d ago

Every game in the last 2 decades...


It's sad that this quick retort is more often than not true... The industry's acceptance of release and patch has gone too far.

gunnerforlife14d ago

Days gone! By the end of the game I couldn't drop it down! I went around so many hours killing zombies! It was addictive by the end.

S2Killinit14d ago

That game was just plain good game. It didnt improve, it was just good.

gunnerforlife14d ago

I don't know, I got it abit late, and struggled for a few days, and then all of a sudden it just got good!!