Switch Bayonetta 2 is a turbo-charged Wii U port

John and Rich sit down to talk Bayonetta 2 on Switch. There are some minor visual improvements, but really, it's all about the performance - and it's all good news.

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MoveTheGlow258d ago

Yes! Exactly what they should have done - centered around FPS and better on Portable due to the native 720p. I can't wait to have this on the go.

corroios258d ago

Turbo charged 720p zero AA? Got a little better frames at 2018 even docked a game from 2014. The free pass that nintendo gets is amazing. Every one else would get destroyed.

SR388258d ago

Yeah coz the system is not just raw power lol but hey games on the others I've played ain't so great and they run in full sooo lol

258d ago
WeebLord258d ago

It's called expectations, they were never touting the Switch as the most powerful anything.

Knushwood Butt258d ago

Yeah, I was expecting to pay top dollar for underpowered hardware.

kevnb258d ago

You do understand the switch is a handheld right?

JaggedCarpet258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

People conveniently forget that fact when criticizing the Switch's power. They can't stand it that the Switch is extremely powerful for what it is.

_-EDMIX-_258d ago

Watch out you're only supposed to say that in defense of the Nintendo switch.

But when it comes time to talk about sales Suddenly It's A "dedicated Home console" and not a handheld. 😎

TekoIie258d ago


"Watch out you're only supposed to say that in defense of the Nintendo switch."

Actually its something people just dont agree on. I say its a handheld because the dock can be completely ignored and the product still functions. Nintendo has said that it is a home console first and foremost which is what tends to be why we consider it a home console.

_-EDMIX-_258d ago

@Tek well you say it's a handheld because of the logic of it being a portable device.

What Nintendo was calling it is simply based on their own marketing schemes if Nintendo called that a taco are we to believe that this is edible? Lol

258d ago
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quent258d ago

Just like ND and Sony ?

JunMei258d ago

OMG! A Handheld is only marginally better than it's last generation console counterpart! /s

GamingSinceForever258d ago

A handheld with a 1080p screen, therefore shoild be able to port a last gen game at 1080p.

It’s disappointing to say the least, but keep on making excuses. They will only respond when the fans let them know.

JaggedCarpet258d ago


Why do you keep spouting incorrect information? The Switch's screen is only 720p.

_-EDMIX-_258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Well this handheld technically by the specs is more powerful than the Wii U.

At the end of the day regardless it's specs are greater than that of the previous system so it should be kind of expected.

If any anything I question the team that's transferring the game over before the actual systems specs.

sprinterboy258d ago

Plus the fps in the df yt video clearly shows heavy dips in fps

_-EDMIX-_258d ago

Well the game was also developed for the Wii U which was more powerful than the PlayStation 3 and 360.

So I believe the difficulty they might be having to get it to run those frames might simply because the game is much more demanding than any other previous last-generation game you might see running on Playstation 3 or 360.

So I don't know if it should be held to that type of standard

Because the Wii U was more powerful than PlayStation 3 and 360.

The switch is weaker than the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so I would say take that into consideration.

DarXyde257d ago

You don't think From Software and Ueda get free passes?

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Nintentional258d ago

But if the same exact game was available on the PS4, “OMG ITz AAMAZIIMG!! Soneee 4LIFE!!”

chobit_A5HL3Y258d ago

@nintentional are you high? nintendo gets so many free passes with all the ports they get and no one says jack about it. nintendo fanboys sucking each other off at the sight of skyrim; a re-release of a re-release, from a game that’s 6 years old. jesus christ. people were giving sony a bad time when they did tlou remaster ffs.

kevnb258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

@chobit You can’t understand the appeal of a portable version of Skyrim? You are pretty simple aren’t you?

hulk_bash1987258d ago

Two of the best action games to come out in the last decade for $60? Yes please.

The 10th Rider258d ago

I mean, both games in one package and the original had issues on PS3/Xbox 360 and Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U dipped down to like 40FPS. They're also commonly considered two of the best action games of the past decade. I'd say it's definitely worth $60 for the two of them.

Zeldafan64258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

It's only $30 for each game. The only way you would have to pay $60 is if you wanted it physically and then it comes with the first game, albeit digital download.

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GamingSinceForever258d ago

If it’s still at 720p what’s the purpose of this port? This better not be a $60 game.

GamingSinceForever258d ago

Crash Bandicoot had 3 games for $30 and they had better visuals and performance.

Nintendo is trippin.

The 10th Rider258d ago (Edited 258d ago )


Umm, N. Sane Trilogy was $39.99 and it ran at half the frame rate . . . so no, performance wasn't better. You can't even get your own comparison right and then you say Nintendo is trippin, lol.

hulk_bash1987258d ago

Firstly, it was $40 on release. And as a game, Bayonetta 1 and 2 were more complex games than Crash was. Lets not kid ourselves here.

hulk_bash1987258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

I was referring to Crash For PS4 being $40 on release. Not Bayonetta. It was in reference to you stating it was $30 for 3 games.

WeebLord258d ago

I'll take Bayonetta over crash any day, but hey different strokes for different folks man. The Wii U sold about as well as a dumpster fire, not a lot of people enjoyed some of the GOOD games on the Wii U, I don't see an issue with Nintendo pushing out ports of the titles that deserved more than they got with the Wii U.

Also just saying, the Crash games are running on a PS4/Pro two consoles that are indisputably more powerful than the Switch. Granted Crash runs at 30fps vs 60fps for Bayonetta 2 you also have to look at the size and scale of things, crash more often than not is a corridor.

GamingSinceForever258d ago

My point is the effort put into the games and the retail price.

kevnb258d ago

@gamingSinceForever most people buy games because they think they are good, not for perceived developer effort.

GamingSinceForever258d ago

@The 10th Rider.....I didn’t say Crash is a better game than Bayonetta. I’m saying it’s a better upgrade which holds more value.

720p just won’t cut it for me, so it is now a no go. But if you like it then that works for me.

The 10th Rider258d ago

I didn't say either was a better game either. You claimed that Crash Bandicoot performs better, but it runs at half the framerate of Bayonetta, so what you claimed is false. You also claimed that the N. Sane trilogy was $30, which is also false.

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