Subnautica developer fired over "many hateful statements"

Sound designer Simon Chylinski was dropped from underwater survival game after history of insensitive tweets

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Vits252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

He was fired because he made the "attack helicopter" joke, denied the "pay gap" and is anti-immigration. All of that on twitter.

Jesus, the guy is basically Hitler.... /joke

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PEEPer252d ago

Did you miss his tweet about 3rd world level - IQ? I think this was the deciding factor.

Vits252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

This is along with the rest of his anti-immigration post. And honestly, I do not think that is offensive in any way, I mean, is a statistical fact that the IQ in third world countries is in average lower. Having said that, I don't think it's a very strong argument in the immigration debate either. I imagine that most problems with immigrants have more to do with cultural differences than with an arbitrary measure of cognitive abilities.

But I'm not defending the guy either. While expressing your opinion is always great, we are not free from the consequences of what we say and in an age where we see more and more people losing their jobs or being persecuted by mobs for expressing the wrong opinion, this guy could have been a bit more careful.

On the other hand, I think that firing someone on account of some tweets is an exaggerated attitude. And the fact that he was fired just two weeks after Subnautica was finished does not smell good either.

This whole situation is kind of unreal and funny to be honest.

BadElf252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Because 3rd World Countries have soooo many Libraries and Schools to learn? Because most of the people in those Countries are getting their College degrees, right? Because Internet Access and Computers are available for ALL those people with "high" IQ...right?
Ohhhhhh. So again...why was that a "deciding factor"??

antikbaka252d ago

wouldn't it naturally go down as people with higher IQ flee those places? High immigration decreases the average number of IQ greatly

Gunstar75252d ago

IQ is cultural.
Otherwise we would all be admitting that the Chinese are the superior race

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Dee_91252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

"a statistical fact"
Dear god... then you go on the proclaim how an large part of the human population should be looked down upon, or for whatever idiotic reason you bring up that "statistical fact", because of "low iq". Stats consist of analytical data, with many varying factors to determine said stat. So to claim a stat to be factual in itself is asinine. I really don't care about this either way, I just hate to see people misuse statistical data, and I hate it even more when you people misuse statistical data to force some idiotic bigotry you believe in.

I think they used the wrong word. I was thinking, stupid instead of insensitive. He's clearly not that bright and I don't think he should have gotten fired over that.

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_-EDMIX-_252d ago

@Vits-the developers free to fire this dude because of those comments they don't want their company attached to this type of discriminatory Behavior

I mean that person's free to think what they want and say what they feel like..... At another company.

I would do the same thing. (Thankfully I've never had to fire anyone from my business.....yet)

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TheCommentator252d ago

Can we fire Trump then? THAT would be awesome!

Doughhead252d ago

No, you have 7 more years of him.

TheCommentator252d ago

@ disagrees

Really? No one thinks Trump's Twitter account is worse than this guys?

I don't want to go on a political rant, but look up how much hate-filled ignorance Trump spews (and his actions as an individual) if you disagree.

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Servbot41252d ago

Those all sound hilarious and somewhat true.

Drithe252d ago

The only thing I have to say is that a company needs to let it's employees know of it's "values" before they hire a person. But you have to be smart too. Just remember to treat people with respect, whether you agree with them or not. In other words, keep your politics to yourself except when voting.

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CrystalFantasy252d ago

How is my comment inappropriate but not yours? Smh.

Vits252d ago

I think because mine has a summary of what the guy did and a joke. While yours only have a joke?
Or maybe is because I flagged the joke with a "/joke" or most likely is because my avatar is very charming.

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NarooN252d ago

Him being fired makes perfect sense. Think whatever you will about his ideological and political stances, but he was an employee of that company and the stuff he said is sensitive and offensive in nature because those are topical issues which are fairly taboo and sensitive in nature. As an employee if you put that type of shit out there, it makes the rest of the company look bad as a result simply by association. That can lead to PR blowback and they don't want to upset investors.

If he wanted to not get fired, he should've simply decided to not be a dipshit in a public setting.

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bigmalky252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

So many people losing jobs for their right to freedom of speech.

Surely that's wrong, no matter what anyone's views are. Companies should not be allowed to use social media to spy on their employees. It's an invasion of personal thought to do this.

Majin-vegeta252d ago

Yes you're able to say What you want but doesn't stop consequences from happening to you.

EatCrow252d ago

There should be no consequences for inconsequential comments.
Now if he was actively bullying people on twitter then yes...there should be consequences there. Voicing your opinions that are shared with many others should not be consequential.

AnubisG252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

So if the best doctor on the planet who is this close to cure cancer sais screw SJW's and gender pay gap is made up, than he should be fired and prevented to be a doctor because he said something the far left nutcases who are the loudest today don't like? Do you really believe that?

fiveby9252d ago

But you can bet that if his comments were in support of the notion of a pay-gap, pro illegal immigration, and pro sjw, he would not have been fired. Those are controversial opinions just as well but you can't be fired over them. If anything, you're promoted.

Sono421252d ago

fiveby9 couldn't have said it any better, it's all about having the "right" opinion which is simply toxic. This is where america is heading, simply sad.

frostypants252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

@EatCrow: "There should be no consequences for inconsequential comments."

So you should be forced to employ people you can't stand and who you feel hurt your company's image? Interesting...

And define "inconsequential". If even just one person doesn't buy the game because of a dev's social idiocy, that is consequential. Or perhaps a potential job candidate is lost because they see this. Or maybe it gets used as evidence of behavior in a discrimination lawsuit later. Plenty of OBVIOUS avenues for consequence here. Think like a business owner.

Sorry people, but the reality is your social actions have always impacted your employability. And blabbering on social media is a social action. Nobody wants to employ a jerk, and what constitutes a jerk is rightly subjective.

spartanlemur252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Freedom of speech means the freedom to share thoughts without consequences. To say otherwise exposes a grave misunderstanding of the concept itself. By your logic, freedom of speech exists where your government executes you for it, as this is a consequence.

I'm surprised your post has so many upvotes, to be honest.

Besides, how does this benefit anyone? You can't punish someone into changing their mind about something. Is he to remain unemployed? Go homeless? For some naive idea about corporate freedom?

JackBNimble252d ago

This person is a known developer for a company, which means this person under that profile that he or she was using, is representing their company.

Had this person said these things under a profile that was not in anyway linked to the company he works for , then there wouldn't be a problem.

There is freedom of speech and then there is just plain stupid.

Hungryalpaca252d ago

Cool so you’re fine if I go through your comment history and send it to your employer?

Alright. I’ll get right to it.

Ashlen252d ago (Edited 252d ago )


First off doctors are bound by a code of ethics so if they violate that then yes.

Let me put this into practice. In Nazi internment camps lots of completely inhumane "medical research" was done on unwilling participants do you personally think that is correct and acceptable if it cured cancer?

rainslacker252d ago


freedom of speech is not freedom from consequence. Freedom of speech by law, only prevents the government from persecuting people for expressing their opinion. Freedom of speech is in no way required to be adhered to by the individual, and any indivual or company....Since they are now considered individuals...Is free to dole out any consequence it feels suitable for someone expressing an is their right under free speech laws.

People act like the company here doesn't also have a right to express how it feels about this man's opinions, where I see it as them doing just that by diaassociating themselves from him.

Freedom of speech has to go both ways, and that's something a lot of people often forget. In any case, when it comes ofnthe rule of law, freedom of speech is only relevant from the government doing something about the man's opinions.

generic-user-name252d ago

"Go ahead, say whatever you want" says man holding a gun who will shoot you if you say something he doesn't agree with.

ThanatosDMC252d ago

Well hopefully someone will sue a company and win for discrimination or however lawyers would spin it.

_-EDMIX-_252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

@Anu- yes but you have to understand is the board of directors of the hospital is free to hire or fire who they feel like it many times.

I don't know why anyone believes that Simply Having a really good job or important job somehow means that somebody is allowed to keep you hired regardless of what you say 😂😂😂 28514; yeeeeea no, the world doesn't work that way buddy.

If I hire someone and it's my company and they have these views I very much have no problem firing them because I do not want that type of attention or stigma attached to my company.

If you have those views trust me you're free to continue to have those views and I'll even put in a great recommendation but you're not going to be working for my company.

@Spar- "without consequences" it means without consequence in regards to government agencies if you're actually freely expressing it in a way that is not to purposely deceive.

Soooo no, it does not actually mean you're free to have any type comments you feel like it will working at a company because freedom of speech does not actually supercede a company's rights if they decide to hire you (or fire you because of those views).

It is not a free pass to say anything and then have zero consequences whatsoever in regards to another company.

The part about 0 consequence has to do with government, that has nothing to do with a company that decides to hire you especially if that is a privately owned company in which you're literally writing in a contract that you can be fired at THEIR discretion.

@Rain- good read, best comment here.

starchild252d ago

@ rainslacker

The problem with that is that it represents a form of discrimination. The current laws are extremely inconsistent when it comes to discrimination. Why can the government force a private entity not to discriminate on the basis of things such as race or religion, yet people are not protected from discrimination on the basis of their political views?

If an individual person or company can discriminate against someone for their political views they should also be free to discriminate for any other reason they choose.

Either private companies should have the right to discriminate for any reason (and only government institutions be forced not to discriminate) or private businesses should not be allowed to discriminate against somebody for their political views.

RacerX251d ago

This guy lost his job for tweeting statistical facts from the Department of Justice website.

Facts Trump feelings.

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munchmiller252d ago

I say this in all seriousness and with all due respect. When you post something on "social media"? It's no longer "personal thought". It's now...... public though. Consequences for your public opinion is nothing new.

Protip? Keep it to yourself.

Omnisonne252d ago

Yeah this should be obvious by now. Social media is NOT the platform of free speech that it once was, anything said on those platforms that doesn't fit the current social narrative can and will be used against you if others wish to do so. On top of that it's proven to be heavily surveillanced in the past.
You could try create an anonymous account, but covering up your personal data requires a bit of know-how.

Either keep things to yourself or avoid it entirely, better safe than sorry.

Sono421252d ago

but firing someone for having different beliefs to your own is simply wrong. How is that any different then firing someone for the religion they believe? I'll tell you.. it isn't, just because he has in their eyes the "wrong" opinion he is being fired, and that in and of itself is wrong. Pure liberal sjw garbage, we need to move past this phase in time already it's only toxic.

fiveby9252d ago

@munchmiller I personally don't post political opinions in my name publicly. It' just not how I like to conduct myself. But how often do you hear of someone who takes what would be considered controversial progressive opinions get fired? I think the consequences are not being levied equitably. That is partly what is at issue here. Can you imagine the backlash if a company fired someone over posting their controversial progressive comments? Only people who hold non-progressive opinions have to live in fear of posting their opinions. That is wrong.

spartanlemur252d ago

No, that's complete nonsense. The dichotomy is not public/private, but professional/private.

What is said when at work, or as a representative of your workplace is professional (I mean, using a professional social media account, as opposed to a private one). Everything else is private.

Enough nonsensical rhetoric. This decision is indefensible.

garos82252d ago

yeah be a good boy and shut up! Its a fantastic world we live in when we cant even share a "controversial" opinion without the thought police coming in to take our livelihoods away.

Whats next? putting people in jail for wrong think?

Freedom of Speech is dead

Ashlen252d ago (Edited 252d ago )


"but firing someone for having different beliefs to your own is simply wrong. How is that any different then firing someone for the religion they believe? I'll tell you.. it isn't, just because he has in their eyes the "wrong" opinion he is being fired, and that in and of itself is wrong. Pure liberal sjw garbage, we need to move past this phase in time already it's only toxic. "

So when Trump fires judges and other political appointees who don't agree with with his opinions that's wrong?

BadElf252d ago

Exactly what the PC, Liberal, Feminists want...for ALL opposing views to be SILENCED and demanding people keep it to themselves..... thanks.

antikbaka252d ago

comunistic USSR totally would have agreed with you.

rainslacker252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

You can still express opinions, but they need to be respectful and not targeted...although there are cases of someone saying they dislike a politician. It's usually the people that say things in inciteful ways that causes problems, although there are timetimes when things get blown out of proportion on extremely volatile issues of the moment which tend to only be relevant for a couple weeks.

More generally speaking though, if you are publicly associated with a company, it's usually just better to keep it to yourself. For the most part, the people on the internet aren't your friends and don't really care what you have to say. It's people looking for validation for their opinions they likely can't get elsewhere that usually act stupid in social media, and eventually run into problems like this when others who don't actually care about this person end up getting pissed off at what someone else has to say


Most companies.that have a public face have rules against making inciteful comments if a person is associated with that company publicly. It's wrong for them to fire someone for having an opinion
, not for expressing it publicly while associated with the company at the same time.

Heck, for some of the criticism I give to me on here I could be fired by my company who is a partner of ms. But since I don't have a public face and I'm not publicly associated with the company I work for on here or elsewhere, I can pretty much say what I want.

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Orionsangel252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

It's not about freedom of speech when you're representing a company. The guy put himself out there promoting and representing the game. When you're a company trying to maintain a positive image and trying to sell games you don't want a person spouting negative comments. For example, if she Shigeru Miyamoto was tweeting, i hate Jews. That wouldn't fly over well and it would effect the company. The same way Trump's mouth is effecting the Presidency. Words matters and they have consequences.

bigmalky252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Life is not about your job. As workers are asked to respect their employers while at work, employers should respect a worker's rights to be an individual human being with independent thought when not at the desk.

Harming a brand name is corporate claptrap. Everyone is their own man/woman for every hour they do not get paid at work. Saying otherwise is to shun your freedom to be an individual.

JackBNimble252d ago

This is what happens in the real world, there is no such thing as freedom of speech when you're representing your employer.
You kids need educated yourselves because it wouldn't matter who you work for, if you say utter shit on a public forum while using a profile that directly links you to your employer then expect to be fired.

CorndogBurglar252d ago

Freedom of Speech does not mean your words won't have consequences. There's a big difference and this is something that people on message boards never seem to get.

Is the company he works for really SPYING on him? He posted his comments on social media for everyone to see. That isn't spying.

Also, when you are employed by a company, you are representing that company even when you are not at work. If you are saying things that go against the company's opinions or stance on a certain subject then they have every reason/right to fire you if they feel the need.

I just find it hysterical at this point that ADULTS still don't understand that social media is not a private forum. Its like that friend that everyone has on Facebook that is constantly documenting their entire life but then gets mad that people don't mind their own business.

If you are putting your opinions and political standpoints on social media then don't be surprised when people see it and act on it. Social Media os nothing new and we see stories like this all the time, and people just never learn lol.

Nitrowolf2252d ago

Nobody prohibited him from exercising his right to freedom of speech.

Why do people have such a hard time understanding that just because you have freedom of speech doesn't mean there are consequences. Somebody tells me where it says that you have freedom of speech and anything you say excuses you from any consequences

Omnisonne252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

When people get fired and/or attacked for stating unpopular opinions, it tends to disincentivise others from sharing similar thoughts aswell, be it politics or other.
Now if you would say something outragous like ''I enjoy murdering people in this and that way, and i'm looking for my next victim'' then yeah, consequences are to be expected.
But people sharing differing political opinions should be encouraged rather than suppressed, which is what situations like these tend to do.

rainslacker252d ago


Yes. That is what happens. Parties exercise their rights of freedom of expression, and while doing so, a society and it values or ideals are shaped.

In this case the company expressed itself, thus showing that having such an opinion may prove unpopular and have consequences do people think twice before posting such a thing.

Is it right to influence opinion in such a way? Does it matter? That is how society has been shaped for a long time now, and its not something new that came along with social media.

Omnisonne251d ago


"Is it right to influence opinion in such a way? Does it matter? That is how society has been shaped for a long time now, and its not something new that came along with social media.''

Yeah, and that's also how echochamers are created, and all the ''great'' societies that were born from such circumstances if you take it to extremes.

CorndogBurglar252d ago

Put it like this: If you owned a company would you want your employees going on Social Media and promoting racial superiority? Even though they are not forcing anyone into their way of thinking. They are simply making these comments on Facebook and are a representative of your company. You would be okay with that?

Because what would happen next is that your company gets accused of hiring pro-nazi supporters. As a business owner, is that what you would want? Probably not.

This is no different.

bigmalky252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Declaring your views on subjects is not the same as victimisation. You should not be sacked for an opinion.

There are consequences to freedom of speech, yes, but there is a huge difference from speaking your mind and going out of your way to victimise someone... Something that both sides do frequently.

If you are found guilty if harassment, yes, your position should be put into question. If your opinions offend someone who doesn't hold your mindset, then no, it should hold no consequence in your employ.

If everyone was allowed to be sacked for saying things online that disagreed with one person or another, very few people would have jobs.

It's unfair to sack someone if you just disagree or feel offended by their comments if not direct abuse.

Omnisonne252d ago

Affiliating yourself with a movement that caused millions of deaths is obviously the exact same as denying the wage-gap.

I get that it puts the owner of the company in a tough situation, but if it's something as mild as being critical of the wage gap and immigration, its a really crappy reason to fire someone.

EatCrow252d ago

He doesn't claim racial superiority. If anything he claims individual superiority. I just call that pride.

It's the whole accusation culture and labels that have companies and employees in fact all of society in such an awkward mess of a bind.

JackBNimble252d ago

You can't be fired for your own opinion, but you sure as hell can be fired the second you voice that opinion on any public forum while representing the company you work for.
Disagree all you want, but this is how it is.

Fiddlerblue252d ago

The first amendment only protects free speech/expression from government persecution. Private institutions can pretty much do whatever they like unless they are acting on behalf of a government or otherwise pushing things like employment laws that restrict employers' ability to prevent employees from disclosing their salary with coworkers or attempting to organize a labor union. Things like that.

Whether or not it was right for him to lose his job over an opinion is up for debate. I will say that it's pretty common knowledge that if you're in a high-profile position and you post in a public forum then yeah, it becomes the company's business what you're saying mostly because what you say can have a direct impact on sales if people out there start boycotting your game (also freedom of expression) over that employee's public posts. I don't think anyone at the company really cares about his personal opinions. They care about the bottom line. It's what makes the business world go 'round.

_-EDMIX-_252d ago


I've never had to fire anyone yet from my business but trust me if something like that showed up on one of their social media profiles, I would have no problem firing them.

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ShottyatLaw252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

If the viewpoints you "share" on social media affect a business in any negative way, your employment may be in jeopardy.

The best example is when your opinions are not shared by an important client/customer. I'm sorry, but if your personal musings costs someone business, you're going to be told to exercise those freedoms of expression while working elsewhere.

You can choose not to be censored, just as employers can choose not to employ you. You're entitled to your opinions, just don't think your employers aren't entitled to fire you for them.

And to the young people applying for jobs, keep that stuff private or delete it all together.

Kumakai252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Companies have a right to ethics and moral clauses. You agree to them when you accept the job. If you don’t follow them and your values don’t line up with th mission statement of the company, you can be fired. It’s at will employment. Just like how have a right to Not wear shoes but a restaurant can kick you out. And technically his rights weren’t violated. He lost his job as a consequence of his employers ethics clause but he didn’t get arrested or go to jail. The company has a right to protect its own values and image.

bigmalky252d ago

Sorry, but uniform code and how you think and your opinions are left at the door when you leave work.

If work wants to control our opinions and what we post on our personal accounts online, then the must pay us for each hour outside the workplace... It's as simple as that.

An employer has no right to control what you do or think in your personal time, as long as it is not breaking the law.

Employee rules only apply when you are being paid, and the only way they should be allowed to act on personal thought, is if you are using work equipment on work time to so so.

This needs new laws.

JackBNimble252d ago

This person used the same twitter account to give progress updates as well as voice his opinion and that's where he went wrong. That twitter account made him a representative of his company. Had this person used a different Twitter account not linked to his employer and voiced his opinion then that would be different.

bumbleforce252d ago

Free speech is ok as long as it's approved by social justice warriors

Christopher252d ago

Free Speech is related to the actions of the government taken against those who speak out, not the public's response to what you've said.

frostypants252d ago (Edited 252d ago )

Yeah, you like so many others don't understand how the First Amendment works. You have freedom from government persecution for your statements. Guess what? Your employer ain't the government (well, unless it is, I guess). People get fired for being generally stupid all the time, e.g. getting a DUI even while off-the-clock can get you fired from your job.

bigmalky252d ago

Getting a DUI is a criminal punishment... Having an individual viewpoint is not.

JohnnyRakete252d ago

Yeah and seeing your boss as an asshole is also an individual viewpoint, but when you post this on twitter and your boss sees this, you will be fired