Will There Be a Sequel to 'Shadow of the Colossus?" [SPOILERS]

The release of the PS4 remake and new images revealed by game creator Fumito Ueda are sure to drum up discussion about a 'Shadow of the Colossus' sequel.

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PhoenixUp255d ago

The Last Guardian already exists

Araragifeels 254d ago

The Last Guardian is a spiritual successor but not a sequel. Just like SOTC is a Spiritual successor of ICO. If only PlayStation can hired Ueda, his Studio to collaborate with Japan Studio to make a sequel to SOTC or another spiritual successor to SOTC.

PressXtoBacon254d ago

I agree with Phoenix. There is are definitely connections between ICO, Colossus, and Guardian. I don't believe we are meant to treat them are meant to treat them as sequels because there is no desire to continue the story. If you want more Colossus replay it or play the other two games. There's good evidence for a single canon spanning all three.

PhoenixUp254d ago

You really think there’d be be a traditional sequel?

The ending of SotC not only leads into TLG, but it’s also what sets off ICO. They’re all loosely connected, but they still take place in a shared world with recurring aesthetics and symbols like horned characters.

The closest you’ll get to having another title that plays a lot like Shadow of the Colossus is Praey for the Gods. Gameplay wise it’s the spiritual successor to SotC while TLG is tonally the spiritual successor.

FallenAngel1984254d ago

If you want another game that plays like Shadow of the Colossus, then look forward to Praey for the Gods.

If you want another game that’s thematically like Shadow of the Colossus, go pick up The Last Guardian.

The 10th Rider253d ago

Speaking of which, the whole name change they had to do, "Prey to Praey", because of Bethesda's Prey is ridiculous.

FallenAngel1984253d ago

Yeah Prey for the Gods was such an awesome title. Now Zenimax had to get involved and make the title look stupid

PhantomS42253d ago

Going by the ending it's technically ICO but there doesn't need to be a 'Shadow of the Colossus 2".

Yohshida253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

nah, they remaster the remake of a remaster first

G20WLY253d ago

Seems like you're remastering the remakes of your remade comments.. 🤔

Dark_Knightmare2253d ago

If they turn out to be one of the best remakes ever if not the best like a lot of critics and gamers are saying of shadow of the colossus I don't see the problem. Oh wait that's right you were just trolling for attention because you have a sad,pathetic little life

343_Guilty_Spark253d ago

The Last Guardian is my favorite PS4 game

fenome253d ago

I'm impressed that you gave it a chance.

343_Guilty_Spark253d ago

Why are you impressed that I like good games?

fenome253d ago

That's not what surprised me at all, just that you gave TLG a chance, it's a niche title, that's all. I agree that it was a unique experience and one of my favorite PS4 games as well.

Have you played Bloodborne? That one still holds the crown for me as far as favorite PS4 games.

343_Guilty_Spark253d ago

I don’t like Bloodborne at all. But I love NiOH...especially beautiful on my Pro.

fenome253d ago

To each their own, nioh was really good too, I stopped playing it once I got to the spiders for some reason. I need to pick that back up and beat it. I still don't have a Pro yet, I was going to get one but my wife wants to get it for me for my birthday.

I'm all about Monster Hunter right now.

343_Guilty_Spark253d ago

Pro is a nice little upgrade especially if you have a 4K hdr tv

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