Japanese Support Was Never Bad On Xbox, But It Can Get Better

Andrew from Xbox Enthusiast talks about how despite low Xbox sales in Japan, the Xbox and Xbox 360 had their fair share of exclusive video games from Japanese studios. While there has been a decline in Japanese video games for the Xbox brand this generation, there is still a way to turn things around.

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TheGuitarist960d ago

Microsoft has been trying to crack the Japanese market for years with virtually zero success. I don't see how they are going to be able to convince Japanese developers to make exclusives when they can't convince Japanese gamers to buy their console.

UCForce960d ago

In Japanese Video Game Industry, it’s about earning trust, not just the money.

Eonjay960d ago

Also this article is pointless because the pure lack of sales there IS the reason for lowered support. The trust factor was crushed by the 360's high broken rate.

Goldby959d ago


I think the trust and support was lost when bill gates went off script at tgs and used it as a sales pitch for the og Xbox instead of what he was there for actually.

darthv72959d ago

In JP, the 360 got lots of support for shmups. Some I'd love to get my hands on but damn are they $$ now. Cave did some pretty good stuff on that system.

nommers958d ago

It's also about the games in general. The general selection of Xbox games just doesn't appeal to Japan.

S2Killinit958d ago (Edited 958d ago )

MS will throw money at it. Its good for a couple of big games a genertion to go exclusive to xbox. But they cant be bothered to make studios from scratch or anything like that.

Godmars290958d ago

They were $$$ back in the day if I recall. $90 collection editions for what should have been $30 titles.

Gamist2dot0957d ago

RROD, Phil Phish insulting Japanese devs, and the Cloud Power ad...

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Professor_K958d ago

Nope, it's about hand held and $$$$ don't over glorify this bullsh!
The Japanese won't buy consoles this time around SPECIALY an xbox console solely for testing fact that its American. Japan is Nintendo land, America is Xbox land and Europe is Playstation.
It was never about the games or develop support.
Xbox would need to devout a large majority of their focus at making alot of weeb games to even get a small amount of success

Overall the outcome IS NOT WORTH IT. The console market is dying in Japan, consoles and their games are not selling enough to to just appeal to one region.

ClanPsi1958d ago

Switch has sold almost 3 million units in Japan in one year. That isn't a market dying, you twat.

rainslacker958d ago

I'm pretty sure if MS managed to get some prominent Japanese support for IP's that were highly desirable for the system, and they happen to be exclusive, they'd actually sell more systems in Japan.

Since they have failed to do that for any Xbox they've released, it's sort of a self-fufilling prophecy that they won't sell in Japan. It has nothing to do with MS being an American company, because Japanese consumers in general aren't really that prone to being overly loyal to Japanese companies in their buying decisions. Samsung is doing well in Japan, and they're Korean. Apple does really well in Japan, and they're a US company. Japanese people may be more prone to buying Japanese products sure, but that's true with most people in most countries...except the US since a lot of people think the US can't make good products.

So, why should a Japanese person even consider the Xbox when it doesn't offer up anywhere near the support for the kinds of games they may actually want to play, or the other options offer up many more options. Other options are just better products for the Japanese people. That isn't because it's from the US, it's because as consumers, people spend money on the things that gives them what they want.

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ptownjbo960d ago

Seems like wasted resources and money whenever MS tries to capture a Japenese audience. Should just stop and save themselves the headache.

Professor_K958d ago

Exactly! They could bring back a game like Chrono trigger make it exclusive and it WOULD STILL fail.

UCForce958d ago

It’s more about earning trust, not just money. I remember MS disrespect Japanese audiences back in 360 days. That’s why MS have failed.

rainslacker958d ago

That's because they don't actually do enough. You can't just buy up a few exclusives from IP's that are new or less prominent, and expect the Japanese consumer to jump on board. On top of that, you can't expect to build trust with the consumer when you can't manage to keep trying to catch their attention. The Japanese gamer is just as informed as any other gamer, and they can plainly see as well as we can that MS tries for a bit, then stops caring about providing support for their product in that region.

If other companies have a better track record, and provide more of what the consumer wants in a region, then those companies are going to get those consumers business. It's a pretty simple paradigm, and MS just doesn't try hard enough. Their only interest in having the console in Japan is so they can get the Japanese support for games that will appeal to the western market. If they get a few other niche titles here in there, great, but they aren't banking on it, nor do they seem to really care about it that much, or for any extended period of time.

PhoenixUp960d ago

The issue is that Japanese games have an extreme difficulty selling on Xbox One.

For example Final Fantasy XV is the biggest JRPG that will ever release on XO and it only sold and estimated 1.02 million on the system.

On the other hand Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 is a remastered collection and it sold an estimated 1.05 million on PS4.

A remastered collection selling more than a version of the biggest RPG series on consoles in less time on the market is enough to send a message to most Japanese publishers with lesser known franchises to be very wary. Even eastern titles that aren’t RPGs sell not as well on XO.

Xbox One will continue to only receive Japanese multiplats and that’s the best it can hope for.

yellowgerbil960d ago

All support is bad on xbox, except micro transaction support...

ClanPsi1958d ago

And helping employees find free-time to spend with their families by closing down studios and laying off their workers.

XiNatsuDragnel959d ago

Pretty much leaving behind the Japanese market seems the best for me.

FallenAngel1984959d ago

How would that benefit them? That’d just decrease the amount of Japanese support their console still gets

XiNatsuDragnel959d ago

Even though they have almost none and no JP exclusive so... Leaving would better in the long run

FallenAngel1984959d ago

Xbox One still receives a lot of games from Japanese publishers. That’s not “almost none.”

You have such weird reasoning. You seriously believe no support is better than anything?

ZeroX9876958d ago

They're keeping some business there to get third party relations with japanese devs. Even if not exclusives, it can still get great support on third party multiplatform games.

FallenAngel1984958d ago

Exactly. Having those multiplats can only benefit them

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