The Top 5 Androgynous Style Icons in Video Games

Lucia Taylor writes: "Exactly what it says. We're going to go over some of the greatest androgynous looks in all of video games on a quest for style inspiration."

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The 10th Rider314d ago

Can't we just ban this site? We don't need a site who's only purpose is to try and make political statements out of video games. The only thing these articles ever accomplish is starting a firestorm in the comment section.

Eonjay313d ago

The last entry is a ghost. I think this is a joke piece and I think if you can't take a joke they call you a snowflake.

Parasyte313d ago

It is most definitely a joke piece.

johndoe11211313d ago

This is not a joke. Newnormative is a cancerous site that consistently posts these sort of nonsense liberal talking points.

Parasyte313d ago

Nothing wrong with being a liberal, but some people take it WAY too far.

This also comes across as a joke piece. The fact that they cited a GHOST at the end as being androgynous makes this piece a joke as well as them pointing out COLORS that characters wear as androgynous is ridiculous.

Chaosdreams313d ago

Everyone has a voice. But I have a problem with pointless articles/opinions that serve nothing and take up space.

This literally brought forth zero value, and I can't see how it would serve a purpose for anyone. There's really nothing here. There's no point to this, despite (the point is apparently giving a shout out for queer representation). Talking about a few clothing items such as armour or eye shadow doesn't count.

Am I supposed to believe there's a group of individuals who are going to read this and say to themselves, "Thank you! You've done such great work! Without you I'd never know that Link is okay because he wears clothing I can aspire and relate too."

The fact that these five characters can barely be explained beyond two to three sentences each says enough about the lack of quality in this piece.