Move Over Game Pass: Utomik Netflix-Like Gaming Service Is Coming With 700 Games

Microsoft isn’t the only company seeking to make a big play in the subscription service market where video games are concerned. Most folks today might not have heard of subscription service known as Utomik for the PC, a platform that is more compelling than Microsoft’s Game Pass.

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ULTp0ltergeist258d ago

They can't scale and won't last. Besides 5 games a week to keep the library fresh is an excuse. lol!

TFJWM257d ago

I agree they can't scale but if they are offering new experiences over game pass I think it more worthwhile...

257d ago
Zeref257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Where are the 700+ games?

Ohh I see, its padded with dress me up games. Most of the actual games are also on Game Pass.

Jon_Targaryen257d ago

Typed Bioshock, nothing, typed Resident Evil, nothing... Most of the common games I know of arent on their list... then I went like... There it is.... Always a catch...

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Fist4achin256d ago

Probably a lot of casual mobile games. Muper Sario Sisters...

BlackRaven85_1257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

They've been trying since 2015. The Utomik service isn't new.

Akarogg 257d ago

Great thumbnail in the article. Looks like great people

Nintentional257d ago

The one on the far right looks great 😏

yeahokwhatever256d ago

..if by "great" you mean 12...

AmstradAmiga257d ago

This sounds great. Wonder if MS will up their Game Pass to be more competitive. Love the family plan aspect of it.

KillBill257d ago

@AmstradAmiga - So, it shows that they have little influence in the market and are not doing enough to draw a player base.

Rude-ro257d ago

“So, it shows that they have little influence in the market and are not doing enough to draw a player base.“
Which company are you talking about?

KillBill256d ago

@Rude-ro - I was replying in respect to Utomik as it has been around awhile with little to no support. While Gamepass is relatively new and obviously getting a lot of attention with latest focus for it.

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subtenko257d ago

Ill subscribe for about tree fifty a month. Other than that ill stick with PC and playstation

bolimekurac256d ago

yea same here ill stick with xbox and pc

subtenko255d ago


Why would you get an xbox if gamepass was 3.50? That would mean you get all those games (supposidly) for less than $400 in a 9 year cycle (typically microsoft wants to push out stuff faster than sony too) I would rather get gamepass instead of buying a $400 xbox and all those $60 games, where is the logic?

Also why would you even get an Xbox and PC? Thats paying for stuff twice on the same system and also paying for xbox live....

(This is assuming gamepass can be used on PC for any ACTUAL xbox exclusives) so yea gamepass would be a good deal for the few games I cant get on PC, then I just unsubscribe after playing the game.

kevnb257d ago

This is just a steaming service, yawn.

bluefox755257d ago

It's not a streaming service though. It downloads the game in chunks, and runs them directly from your computer hardware. You don't need a strong internet connection, because it doesn't actually stream.

bluefox755257d ago

Not sure why I got so many downvotes. It's not hard to look it up on their website.

IamTylerDurden1257d ago

Or u could take an hour to download every game. Have fun.

darx257d ago

Just like downloading that you already do on the consoles.

StormSnooper257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Ummm sooo this is interesting... if true, Sony and MS would be wise to stick together on this issue otherwise a service like this could take their cake. Look at all the companies the article claims are supporting this service. Essentially they are trying to take the console maker’s cash cow and sharing it among themselves.

DJStotty257d ago

How are Utomik going to get Microsoft/Sony exclusives on their service?

ImGumbyDammit256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

How? Most of the games on this system are quite old to very old. Most of anything recent are small games one could find easily on phones as well. Not that small games aren't fun, they are just not what drives most people to gaming on PCs or consoles. Most large third party publishers aren't in the catalog and even if you find one game it is probably an ancient one. No EA games, no Ubisoft, No Activision, No 2K, No Zenimax, No Capcom, No Sony, No Microsoft, etc...

Most of the games are like the 30 different Farm Frenzy games or the large list of Emily's life games (Hallmark movie in game form) or similar mass produced simple games. The best games on their system consist of Metro Last Light (2013) or a Saints Row (published 2011) game. Neither of these is hard to fine for around the same price as month of this service. But, even with 700+ games the site is quite barren of most games people that actual game, even casually, would really find interesting or worth the price of admission.

I guess the closest idea I can associate this service to is like that local TV channel that every city has that plays all reruns of Perry Mason shows, Hill Street Blues, Gunsmoke, Matlock, Different Strokes, Lost in Space. All fine shows during their day and occasionally you will be flipping the channels and come across channel 52 and watch a few episodes of Whats Happening but after that you lose interest. That is what this service is compared to other services that actually provide a much larger arsenal of games. And is nothing I be worried about if I were a competing service. Especially if I were Microsoft or Redbox or any other rental gaming service.