Returning to The Forest, Four Years Later - Way Too Many Games

A long development process to a well earned soon-to-launch.

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PressXtoBacon258d ago

I picked this up mayve two years ago and I liked it but it felt pointless. I guess I have to go into the caves then but the lighter isn't strong enough to see anything!

gutteranthems258d ago

You can tie cloth onto just about anything and turn it into a torch.

PressXtoBacon257d ago

Thanks! Tried it and it helped a lot

agent4532258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Ok, hopefully my current gaming PC :

Intel I5 babylake
SSD 64gb
8gb DDR4

NVIDIA GTX 450 😫 ( ran out of 💰 to get new gpu 😰 and my NVIDIA GTX 480 died 💸)

Is able to run this game for I couldn't run Ark Survival Evolved 🙀

gutteranthems257d ago

Sorry mate. Looks like your GPU won't quite cut it