Video games become dangerously similar to gambling

A study by the state media authorities shows that computer games are increasingly turning into gambling. This creates billions in revenues for providers, but they are now facing consequences. Videospiele be gambling included, according to a yet unpublished study more and more similar, potentially addictive. The Youth Protection Commission of the State Media Authorities is therefore considering banning certain elements in video games.

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AizenSosuke258d ago

Thank god now ban it everywhere else go gamers!

starchild258d ago

No thanks. It's authoritarian crap. I don't personally like loot boxes, but I don't want governments involved in gaming.

AizenSosuke258d ago

Sadly companies aren't stepping up so the government has to and I agree with you too.

Aenea258d ago

LOL, yeah, by all means, be happy with that! *shakes head*

jojo319258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

I hope people realize this just means games with loot boxes wont be coming to Germany. Don’t expect “special” German versions of games.

AnubisG258d ago

They will. Germany is one of the largest markets in Europe.

TheColbertinator258d ago

No more games with loot boxes?

Nothing of value was lost.

jojo319257d ago

No FIFA? Let's see how that goes over.

JackBNimble258d ago

They will just sell there MT's another way, they don't need loot box's.

ClanPsi1258d ago

I hope so. Then it'll hurt sales and maybe something will finally change for the better.

zerocarnage258d ago

Why, all that will happen is the loot box/ micro section will be cut out of the game and unable to be accessed, publishers and devs sent that daft to take away sales from a whole country completely.

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UCForce258d ago

By all mean, i’m very happy,

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The story is too old to be commented.