Smartphones Have Become Nintendo’s New Handheld Market

Expect Nintendo to keep experimenting in the mobile space, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing, but always producing. Their undeniable success with the Switch is completely detached from their success in the mobile market, but with the idea of a dedicated Nintendo handheld slowly becoming a memory, it looks like smartphones are quickly filling that absence.

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Nodoze1229d ago

These are filler experiences. Nothing more. They do NOT take the place of any offering on Switch or 3DS. Night and day.

pekozolub1229d ago

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BenjaMan641229d ago

The most likely is Nintendo releasing classic games for mobile. Many people would love to play games like Super Mario Bros. 3, A Link to the Past and some classic Fire Emblems on the way to work and/or school.

PhantomS421229d ago

It's called 3DS and Switch...they actually have controls. All the Nintendo cell phone games have only been a shell of their respective IPs and none of them good. Miitomo is already being shut down it's only a matter of time until Mario and Animal Crossing go as well.

AmstradAmiga1229d ago

I can use a controller with my smartphone and often do. Moga make some darn good controllers so as long as the game supports it you have a choice between touchscreen or physical controls.

Cobra9511229d ago

Phones are a totally separate market. No one pays a retail price for phone games. How are you going to sell a traditional Nintendo game when the expectation is zero up-front cost, and paying as you go to play or to win? In terms of gaming, phones are a cesspool. I hope Nintendo continues to be smart enough to keep their real games away from it.

tehpees31229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

People need to stop this "mobile games are the future" shenanigans. DS found a market that didn't stay loyal but that there is the problem. They aren't loyal.

That includes loyalty to smart phone games. Use smart phones as a key market and its going to backfire.

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