Bungie’s Cynical Attitude Isn’t Helping Destiny 2

Instead of biting the bullet and announcing a real effort to make Destiny 2 good on its own terms, they’ve committed to producing what will likely be just a half-hearted version of Destiny 1. It’s tempting to say that Destiny will have come full-circle by the time things are said and done, but if the situation keeps trending the way it is, it’s doubtful that Bungie will even make it that far.

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Parasyte257d ago

Bungie doesn’t have a cynical attitude otherwise they wouldn’t be trying to fix things. Now Luke Smith on the other hand...

OffRoadKing257d ago

I disagree with this completely, I think they have made strides to not only improve the game and address the issues, I think they have made a concerted effort to be transparent about it as well. They have been vocal about the fact they know the community is unhappy and I think they legitimately want to fix the issues. Are they fixing everyone's personal complaints, probably not but its not like they can flip a switch for that, arm chair developers dont seem to understand these things take time and if one thing the gaming community has proven is that patience is not its strong suit. Yes Destiny has issues I'm not disagreeing with that but with every new bit of information they releases in an effort to address concerns the more hate and discord they seem to draw. In fact I'd say with the plethora of hate articles out there comparing every game under the sun to Destiny in an effort to bash it just a little more, if anyone was being cynical its the gaming community.

PapaBop257d ago

The problem is, the game came out in September. They've had nearly half a year to fix these problems. The problem is, they waited until things boiled over before pulling their fingers out and actually doing something. I hope as much as the next former Destiny fan they turn Destiny 2 into the game we all want but ultimately, I find it hard to sympathise with them at this stage, they've made this mess themselves.

Chaosdreams257d ago


You do realize the only reason they are transparent is because on numerous occasions the community caught them and called them out on their shady tactics?

Bungie constantly apologizing doesn't make them a great caring developer, it just shows their incompetence. (And while it's good they are addressing issues - that they created, they are essentially on life support / damage control). They've lost a lot, if not all faith in a good chunk of their fanbase.

OffRoadKing257d ago

Yes I realize that. Like I said Destiny has issues, never said they were great, the point was the article makes it sound as if no effort is being made and I disagree, that's all.

LandoCalrissiano257d ago

I agree, they even added a road map to their plans and updates. Just because your plan isn't the same as their plan you'll have to either suck it up or go back to destiny 1. Nothing wrong with playing an older game.

joab777257d ago

Played since launch...And then ....MHW!

Fearmonkey257d ago

After the videos I have watched from Yongyea, so glad I never bought into Destiny 2.

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