Overwatch League Might Be Getting its First Female Pro

Early reports seem to suggest that Geguri, an outstanding Overwatch female player, could be making her way to the Overwatch League in season 2.

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Mista2018256d ago

I seen a video of her playing Zarya like a year ago. She DESTROYED in grandmaster comp. Insanely good.

-Foxtrot256d ago

Why don’t we just worry about skill rather then gender

No ones fault most of the players are Male

If she’s good she’s good but if a person is better and they are Male then so be it

Omegasyde256d ago

i agree but in this case she might inspire other women to pro game

Which to me is much better than all the lady “gamers” streaming for hits on twitch because they are “pretty”.

tl;dr more respect for female pro gamer vs female streamer.

Rivitur256d ago

It's so damn forced to have her in a team. She's good don't get me wrong but she isn't world class good. Owl know they have a pretty large female audience so of course they want this to go through and I look forward to her probably playing only a handful of games

Mista2018256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Wtf are u on about? Yes she IS that good. I seen her play, she destroys. She's so damn good, that 2 other pro league players had kept accusing her of cheating. To piss off other pros, is quite a feat. Where is your proof that she isn't world class good? From what I seen, and hear, she's one of the best tank flex players. Period.

Rivitur254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

There's a difference between being good and being good against hand picked people who are considered the best in the world.

And I'll tell you where my proof is... after the season check her stats the proof will be right there

Mista2018254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

read my comment again. She beat guys who were in the Nexus Cup. These are some of the very best. Seems like u just want to be right, without being objective. She very well could be OWL good. Does that bother you, lol? I'd probably assume that you're another basement dwelling, neck beard that hates when women penetrate your imagined boys-only club. But that wouldn't be fair, as I don't know you. So I'll give your original comment the benefit of the doubt. What I do know, is that Geguri has an 80% win rate in grandmaster (since you bring up stats), and frustrated two very good pro players, and as such, is worthy of the benefit of the doubt. Gender, size, strength, etc doesn't mean a thing in a virtual sport.

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DrShoe256d ago

I'd be more impressed if the new Overwatch pro was a Cat or a sentient ham sandwich.