Games Media Doesn't Understand Monster Hunter

Roxanne: Monster Hunter World hit shelves last 2 weeks ago and is breaking sales records for the franchise left and right. Naturally, media outlets are all talking about the game. People are already complaining about the customization options.

Some people are just complaining.

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UCForce258d ago

Now I know this is my first time with Monster Hunter series. And I know people complain about the control,the hub and the multiplayer. The multiplayer In Monster Hunter World is understandable for its flaw, but the rest I completely disagree with. From what I played, the control is much more responsive and people said it is smoother than previous Monster Hunter Games. The Hub is always been like that in previous Monster Hunter Game. About customization in Monster Hunter World, at first I was confusing, but few hours i’m getting better how to use it.

Servbot41257d ago

Been playing since the first game and the hub is probably the most disappointing thing about the game. I really wish you could see players wandering around town doing things, and that they just threw the idea of the Gathering Hall away despite it being a staple since PS2. There are even four seats at the meal table with spots for more at the tables in front of it, like it was a feature cut late in development.

Movefasta1993257d ago

In haven’t played this game yet , I’m a huge fan of the series, hearing that there’s no gathering hall is very disappointing. But they made so many improvements else where where it’s really important,like the actual hunting . Now I have to wait for the pc version

bigmalky257d ago

There is a gathering hub. It's at the top of Astera and players can congregate there... Nobody uses it.

Go and look, make a squad, tell them to gather there. You can eat, arm wrestle, join quests and arena fights, all from that one area.

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mav805257d ago

This is my first Monster Hunter game as well. My only complaint is that I wish the monster's hit harder and were more aggressive, forcing me to use more tools more often. It's a great game though.

BlackDoomAx257d ago

You obviously still are in the beginning of the game, in novice mode ;) After the second Zorah magdaros apparition, the true game begins :)

corroios257d ago

This is huge, but was only on the portable from Nintendo. Many forgot the real impact of this game. Capcom was very smart and hit the jackpot. This is on the biggest seller of the year and was made very quickly.

Xb1ps4257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Yea.... there’s still a lot in this game I don’t understand but if you take the time to understand it and it clicks.... then you fall in love..

My biggest complaint though.... is having to read.. now don’t get me wrong I love to read but not in games for me it just takes you out of the experience, then to see there mouth moving around and there body.... I just don’t like it.. also hope it get the x enhance at some point, yea the game looks great but imo Witcher looks better and that game has been out a while.

Kumakai257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Welcome to gamer world, where everything is a disappointment, everyone is a market analyst and business developer and they all have opinions no one cares about on how they’d do things better than real professionals. if your opinion is different, watch your back. There’s also the typical, general misunderstanding about how the industry works at pretty much most levels. Gamer world, where everyone is a fully licensed, journalistic armchair coach. Enjoy your stay.

AZRoboto257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Monster Hunter: World is one of the higher rated games of the generation, by the gaming media, and the gaming media doesn't understand it? Ok

rainslacker257d ago

I'm sure they understand it, they just want to manufacture problems, or blow complaints out of proportion, to get those clicks. That's what the gaming press overall does nowadays. They have little interest in actually looking at things objectively or informing the public in a constructive way.

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