Why You Should Play Thief From Your Backlog

BacklogCritic: "Saying I didn’t like Thief’s story is an understatement, and had it not been for the extremely fun and compelling gameplay mechanics, I would have put Thief down within an hour of playing. But I was in the mood for a stealth game, and in that aspect, Thief delivered. If you can overlook the lacklustre story and just focus in on the gameplay, then Thief is well worth the ten hours of your time to clear it from your backlog."

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FallenAngel1984350d ago

I had Thief from PS+ on PS3 and I couldn’t get past the tutorial stage because of a stupid glitch

I went onto play the superior Dishonored instead

hardmankensington350d ago

You should try Thief again, it's definitely got better since launch.

Leila___350d ago

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madforaday350d ago

It was the controls too right? I remember the tutorial stage, I had to sneak past a guy near a bridge. Every time I try and sneak past, he would spot me. The controls in general just felt PC like which is robotic (on a console). The game is made to be played on PC.

FITgamer350d ago

I forced myself to finish it. Easily the most boring game I've played this gen.

Lighter9350d ago

Lol. I played it on PC... just... no.

doomster71350d ago

I've had the new Thief game since I first got my PS4. I've still not tried it. I love the original PC games though. Thief 1 & 3 are great but the best one is the 2nd one. I loved that one. I think I'll give the game a go this week. I don't think it'll be as good as 2 but it's a thief game. It can't be all that bad.

D3TH_D33LR350d ago

It’s a shame what happened. Thief 1-3 remain the best stealth fps games but the reboot is a butchering...

ziggurcat350d ago

Got about halfway through this when it came out. Stopped playing because other games I was more interested in released, and never got the urge to go back. Plus, there were some bugs causing some items to be missing from the map that the devs, at the time, had been refusing to fix.

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