Nintendo to Resume NES Classic Production

In a recent financial meeting, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima announced that Nintendo would resume NES Classic production.

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Automatic79346d ago

I would love to get my hands on one.

strayanalog346d ago

Me too. Scalpers suck, man. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a picture with someone who had bought ten or more.

neutralgamer1992345d ago

Try gamestop on Wednesday or Thursday around noon that's when they get shipments

strayanalog346d ago

Reconfirmation is nice, but a re-launch date would have been better. I wonder if this affects Virtual Console in any form? Guess that September online launch just got more interesting.

Avengerz43345d ago

Glad I refused to pay 1 cent above retail for one of these I knew it would come back. You just don't sell something like that and make that much money and stop. They just weren't prepared for the demand and didn't have the production ready. They've proven with the SNES classic that they've fixed this issue. Everyone I know got a SNES classic pretty easily. I'll look to grab my NES classic in a few months once they've been on the shelf for a bit.

Xenophon_York345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Voted you up, but definitely disagree about ease of obtaining a Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic. I tried for weeks after initial release in Columbus, Ohio, with zero success. (Just check out all the Reddit posts of similar experiences.)

EDIT: Furthermore, MAYBE Nintendo didn't anticipate demand for the NES Classic, but to have a similar issue with the SNES Classic was simply one-of-two things: One.) Lack of production resources (unlikely, but possible); Two.) Desire to build media attention.

sk8ofmnd345d ago

Not to brag but i camped out day of release with 5 people i paid 30$ each and not only got all 6 but also the wireless controllers for them. We did wait 2 hours before open but still. I gift wrapped some for relatives and sold the rest. I didnt price gouge the shit out of ppl but i did make a bit of cash after spending as much as i did all together.

Knushwood Butt345d ago

Apple got first dibs on the chips.

DialgaMarine345d ago

I got mine at Best Buy months ago. Glad to hear they’re not dropping it like the NES classic

345d ago
DialgaMarine345d ago

Oh, I read it as SNES. Why do they have a picture of the SNES classic? Bad article lol

Knushwood Butt345d ago

Nintendo dropped the NES Classic, but are now doing a U turn after scalpers have made a fortune.


quent344d ago

Do Scalpers exclusively go after Nintendo products ?. Also you make it sound like it was done on purpose just to piss you off

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The story is too old to be commented.