Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition vs. Dragon Ball FighterZ, Who Did It Better?

Dragon Ball FighterZ released recently to critical acclaim and commercial success. Easily becoming one of the best fighting games of this generation. Thanks to incredible visuals, simple to learn combat mechanics, and high-speed combat Dragon Ball FighterZ creating an excellent adaption of the popular Dragon Ball franchise. However, compared to other notorious fighting games how does it hold up. Does Dragon Ball FighterZ have what did take to surpass the latest installment in the Street Fighter franchise?

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kayoss259d ago

Wouldnt Capcom vs Marvel infinity a better comparison to Dragan Ball fighterz??

Lilly____259d ago

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Sono421258d ago

Dragon Ball Fighterz is the most solid fighting game out right now, doesn't rely on silly gimmicks or single use items, or armour, all capsules give you is cosmetic things. Truly exceptional.

il-JumperMT259d ago

Arc System Works are kings of fighting games.

Elda259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

The comparison should be MvC:I or DBFZ & DBFZ is the better game.

ASBO-5259d ago

DBFZ is by far the better game, too bad I'd rather get a root canal that play anything DBZ related

CrimsonWing69258d ago

Street Fighter, but DBfZ ain’t no slouch!