The Witcher III: Wild Hunt is Simply Amazing

Jacob S. from Link-Cable Writes: "For those who followed our yearly goals article before the new year know that I’ve been attempting to complete the 2015 classic in The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. I’ve always been a huge fan of the series and played through the first two titles feverishly, but I could never get around and devoting enough time to finish up to complete the final chapter of the epic action-adventure title from CD Projekt Red. Well, as of earlier this week and a weekend well spent, I can finally say that I have beaten The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and all I can say is WOW! What an incredible journey."

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joab777258d ago

If this game had a more rewarding combat system and progression system (which is pretty good anyway but gets too easy and 95% of gear is worthless), it would be the best game ever made. It just lacks that feeling you get from games like DS and MH. But it knocks it out of the park in every other regard.

thekhurg258d ago

The game's combat system is deeper than both of the acronym games you mentioned.

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ninsigma257d ago

Yeah combat was the one draw back for me. Everything else was really well made!

adamantum257d ago Show
starchild258d ago

I agree, it is amazing. No other game has pulled me into its world more and kept me interested over a period of months.

InKnight7s258d ago

Best game this gen along with Persona5

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madforaday258d ago

It is funny, Bloodborne is the reason why I can't get into Witcher 3.

BIGBOSS08257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Oh god yes! Bloodborne is so good and I didn't play it until recently. The game could have went on forever and i would have never gotten bored. It's probably the most satisfying game I've ever played. Oh and hunters axe all the way! Love that weapon.

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Lovable258d ago

Persona 5, FF 14 Stormblood and Monster Hunter World absolutely.

EazyC258d ago

Really need to get a copy of that. Same with Neir, people seem to unanimously love both.

Vanfernal257d ago

This game is CONSTANTLY on sale. You should definitely get it, but if you have to pay more than $30 for the whole thing you're doing it wrong. XD

PUBG257d ago


60% off the full franchise on Steam right now.

Mr Marvel257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

I platinumed Nier: Automata a couple of weeks ago. Another great PS4 title!

FinalFantasyFanatic257d ago

You generally don't have to wait long for Witcher to go on sale, I grabbed it cheap off GOG on PC, still haven't finished it yet.

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Mr Marvel257d ago

Horizon: Zero Dawn is easily my favourite game this gen.

noprin257d ago

Persona 5 is amaziiing
but then for me no other game can match witcher 3

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DrumBeat258d ago

Game of the gen. Hands down.

WelkinCole258d ago

And its infinitely better if you read the books before playing the series like I have. It is simply stunning though how Red managed to stay true to the characters in the books and how they were able to use a lot of the stories from the books and not butcher them but instead add value. One of the best sort from the books is the lesser of two evils short. It was used as the inspiration for the Blood and Wine story. Simply amazing short story. I highly recommend you guys read the book before or even after playing the games.

Movefasta1993258d ago

I’ve read all the books but I don’t remember that short story . I do however remember in lady of he lake, Gerald and his crew: dandy, the vamp, nildgardian and other two females , visited the place on their quest to saving /finding ciri. They all got lost in its charm for a while

WelkinCole258d ago

In the second book Sword of Destiny. Like many of the witcher short story it uses fairy tales but of course it is quite dark. This one used Snow White story. It basically explained how Geralt got the "Butcher of Blavinken" nick name. A very tragic story and sad story but it was so well done.

Movefasta1993257d ago

I remember now after looking it up, the one with renfri .that was awesome

WelkinCole257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Yeah man Shrike/Renfri. Tragic story. It still makes me wonder if the curse is real or not or if everything was just really bad luck. Stregabor for example never wanted to kill her but Aridea was just looking out for herself and other people because she had legitimate reasons to fear for her and her loves ones lives. No one in my view was truly and completely at fault.

When Geralt realise about the Tridam ultimatum he really had no other option but to intervene. For what he did he instead got the short end of it which was really sad but he did it anyway because he knew he can take it as people already didn't like Witchers.

It just really reminds me of when Jamie's name was blacken as the Kingslayer in ASOFAI and I wonder if Martin did borrow it from the lesser evil.