One Piece: World Seeker Gets its First Trailer in 4K Resolution and New Screenshots

Bandai Namco probably thought that the latest One Piece: World Seeker trailer did not have enough pixels, so they did something about it.

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GBG_Jason259d ago

This is the closest to the game I imagined years ago when I first saw the show.

Lilly____258d ago

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Michiel1989258d ago

Best looking One Piece game so far, but I don't like the mix of cell shaded characters and realistic environments, I wish they just go full out anime for this game.

Nebaku258d ago

I think it's one of the worst looking entries for that reason. I'd put a lot of ps2 or gamecube entries like "Grand Battle" far ahead of this one.

Michiel1989257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Never seen/played those but I can imagine they are fully cell shaded?
Also Ive been losing interest in One Piece, after the timeskip with the updated artstyle everything went downhill imo. Good thing is that when I start watching again I have a crapton of episodes to watch :P (I quit after Doflamingo arc)

With best looking I meant in terms of graphical fidelity.

Nebaku257d ago

Michiel1989 Yeah, most of that generation of One Piece games were fully cell shaded (iirc). And in no way am I claiming they look good, it's just that I find this game to be a special brand of ugly. As for going downhill, I will say that I was never able to get into one piece from the anime growing up. After reading the manga however, I did a complete 180 on it. The anime loses a good 40% of the charm the original story has, especially when it comes to jokes. The style of humor simply does not transfer between mediums.