Revisiting Spec Ops: The Line

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "Spec Ops: The Line was certainly a traumatic experience and one of the few third person shooter narratives that will always stand out as being truly thought provoking. "

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Sciurus_vulgaris280d ago

Really good story in this game. Spec Ops: The Line has the best story am shooter last gen. I was engaged with story the story of Spec Ops The Line, that I beat the game in one sitting.

IamTylerDurden1280d ago

I agree, Spec Ops was an excellent game with a brave narrative that is rarely (if ever) seen in modern day shooters. I will always respect Yager for that game and it bothers me that it didn't have commercial success. The game actually showed you the horrors of war instead of just glorifying it and it was beautifully rendered in Unreal Engine 3. Nolan North gave a solid performance, the combat was up to par, it was an underrated gem last gen.

SheenuTheLegend280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

One of my fav. of last gen. i dont know why people keep hating on cod and bf1 because of copy paste. but this clearly showing gr8 innovation failed commercialy.

Fist4achin280d ago

Great game, I just feel like I've seen this opinionated article a few too many times now. Let's get on to more and new great experiences...

skycaptin5280d ago

I recently started revisiting old games when I have time, did this one because it just became Xbox Backwards compatible and thought I'd give it a go again. While it's great to be playing new games, I do occasionally like to revisit some titles that were memorable in different ways. Keeps it fresh when reviewing I suppose.

Fist4achin280d ago

Trust me. I keep a treasure trove of games that I have completed while starting new ones as well. I just feel like this title is a little over credited. Would it have been talked about if it didn't have the multiple endings?!

skycaptin5280d ago

I feel this game is more remembered for its tone and the shocking moments. Sure the multiple endings played into that, but the general narrative throughout makes it such an easy thing to playthrough and then remember years later. I feel it does deserve credit for trying something new at the time and being a commentary on how crazy shooters in general are for how they glorify war when it's really just a tragic mess. I could be looking into it too much, but this one will always be memorable.