DayZ Confirmed for Xbox in 2018, Playstation Release Unspecified

The DayZ development team on Twitter has confirmed that DayZ will be headed to Xbox One in 2018 whereas they're unsure when the PlayStation 4 version will arrive, though did mention it eventually will.

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RpgSama1881d ago

Does this thing still exist? Is it still in early access?? LOL

Brave_Losers_Unite1881d ago

They are trying to stay relevant OMEGALUL

1881d ago
subtenko1881d ago

Yea I dont understand games who've been in early access this long. Your AAA developer (which these people definitely arent) takes an average max of 7 years to release a complete game...yet some of these regular devs take forever with a PAID early access...what is up with this BS

slate911881d ago

Dayz was PUBG with pointless zombies and no co-op system LOL. Dayz old news brah

Cyfyxtfg1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

@slate that’s why you suck at dragonball super 🤷🏽‍♂️

1881d ago
george9571880d ago

Damn! so many third party games that MS is trying to keep it to Xbox for timed or full... Lmao!!

slate911880d ago

Eh Im pretty sure its because of xboxs game preview...

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Rimeskeem1881d ago

Keep that garbage off the PS4

Sam Fisher1881d ago

I wanna try it, im kinda tired of the conventional games

Brave_Losers_Unite1881d ago

There are many survival games. What makes DayZ different?

Sam Fisher1881d ago

Ps4 doesn't really have many survival games as xbox or pc, we have ark and fortnite, im not fond of those. I want something different

ngaydazng71881d ago

You're kidding right ps4 has tons more games and a wider variety than Xbox (not PC of course)

Goldby1881d ago

We also have don't starve, and don't starve together.


Just play 7 days to die...

iEatNapkinz1881d ago


I looked forward to playing 7 days to die and I have to say.....I felt like it was god awful.

I don't know if it's because I've played a lot of Rust and was trying to get that type of game fix on PS4.....but once I played 7 days to die, I stopped after 10 minutes and deleted it. Graphics are terrible too, especially for the materials

george9571880d ago


"Ps4 doesn't really have many survival games as xbox or pc, we have ark and fortnite, im not fond of those. I want something different"

You need to research more dude....

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Timesplitter141881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

DayZ is my favorite survival game of all time, but it's also garbage at the same time.

It has the best ideas, but the worst implementation.

It's extremely "hardcore" and inaccessible to the masses, but also extremely fulfilling. You can spend 2 hours running in an empty field without seeing anyone, but when you do hear a gunshot in the distance, your heart is literally on the verge of explosion for the next 30 minutes. When you do kill someone in DayZ, it's such a rare and
important event that you feel like you have ascended to another plane of existence and you can never go back to your normal life

But I just can't imagine this as a console game. It's just not for that demographic

yellowgerbil1881d ago

And those that you kill will be your slaves in the afterlife

81BX1881d ago

Lol that is a dope description!

iEatNapkinz1881d ago

I wouldn't mind trying it out. I've been playing Rust on Pc like crazy. Game is so damn addicting. I wouldn't mind having a survival game like this for my ps4 to play with some friends on there

opooqo1880d ago

Only to get killed looting your kill by a guy on the same edge you were on.

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subtenko1881d ago

PS4 owners would rather have PUBG than DayZ. Besides, they are waiting for H1Z1 still.

blackblades1881d ago

I rather have neither, matter fact I still don't know wth they are and don't really care.

1880d ago
supermonkeyfox1880d ago

Oh don't be ridiculous. All games should be welcomed you fool.

Dayz was an amazing game back on pc. No other game came close to it for atmosphere.

I say bring on the console versions.

subtenko1880d ago

no one cares about day z any least ps4 owners, we have so much to play. Then theres days gone coming out...

Specter2291880d ago

But it's why I bought a PS4 ... back when it was coming lol

subtenko1880d ago

Well now you have days gone and h1z1 if h1z1 comes to ps4 still

Specter2291880d ago

Days gone is looking awesome

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Thatguy-3101881d ago

will still be in "beta"form haha they can keep that trash.

Mr-Dude1881d ago

After nearly 4 years... Still in alpha/beta? Jeez.. I'll pass, and I didn't read good things about the PC version.

ocelot071881d ago

Over 4 years. 5 years this year.

_-EDMIX-_1881d ago

Completely agreed

at this point one of the saddest things regarding this was this was simply a mod from another game there's no reason why we should be looking at 4 years later of them still working on it. I didn't buy the PC version so I have no reason to buy another version of a game that they're barely even complete in the most common definition of the term.

Instead of them worrying about bringing it to other systems maybe they should worry about completing it first on PC, just a thought.